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3D on dual-head (not big desktop)

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  • 3D on dual-head (not big desktop)

    Just got my first flatscreen TV, a nice LG 32" model. I have it hooked up to my Radeon 4670 and I've already watched MythTV through it. It's nice. I prefer the behaviour of a dual-head configuration over a "big desktop" configuration. I find big desktop temperamental, especially since the TV supports 1080p while the monitor only supports 1280x1024. However, I knew from previous experience that 3D probably wouldn't work on either head due to a long-standing bug with fglrx. I found this still to be the case (using 9.1) but I tried Unreal Tournament (UT99) anyway and it was accelerated. RTCW is also accelerated. This is a 64-bit Gentoo multilib system and at first it seemed like only 32-bit applications were working but I tried Half-Life through Wine and that wasn't accelerated. Has anyone ever seen this behaviour before? Just curious. I'd obviously like to see this bug fixed but that doesn't seem likely anytime soon. I'm really hoping 3D support in the open drivers materialises soon but I have no idea if that'll work in dual-head mode. Does anyone here know?

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    Hahaha. This isn't really related but I just found out that the TV itself runs on Linux.


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      Turns out the driver doesn't have this bug anymore after all. My system was badly configured but it worked okay with a single head? I'm confused. Maybe 9.2 had something to do with it. I'm happy now.