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A 3D Understanding Of ATI's R600/700 Series

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    Originally posted by Svartalf View Post
    If you don't want to use Flash I suggest nabbing the video via one of the Firefox Flash grabbers and either transcode it to a different format or a different container- or just use Mplayer like Kano suggested.
    I would use flash, if i could play this with gnash. And I can grab youtube .flv files with firefox extensions, but with this page here it does not work. And I don't want to install proprietary flash!
    Bitching about it gains nothing. If you don't have those skillsets, that's fine too- just ASK instead of bitching and I suspect someone would be more than happy to accommodate you.
    I have the skillset. I only think it's very bad that there is no link or something else in the article, that let me watch the video without installing the proprietary flash player. I have asked nicely many times in the different comments of the articles but too many people just can't see the problem. I only asked for providing another possibility than installing the closed flash player, to watch the video, but in the future articles there was still only the flash. Those bad videos are not worth it anyway. Sorry that I complained about missing alternatives in the article. Best would be to go back to another OS. Where no alternatives are, at all.