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FireGL.. 1. (cue the laugh track)

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  • FireGL.. 1. (cue the laugh track)

    I'm expecting most replies to be the along the lines of "lol" and "are you insane"... but here goes.

    I have had a FireGL 1... yes, 1. drop into my possession.

    The only Linux Driver listed for this card was released back in 2001... and was for XFree86 4.0.2.

    Does anybody know if

    A: the driver from that time period would work on

    B: if there is any known Linux driver supporting DRI for this card.

    I went looking for information on the IBM Oasis GPU that the card is reported as using, but does not appear to have any information listed. Yes, I realize that it would probably be much better to just not use the card, but part of me wants to put this thing on display.

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    Nice! FireGL 1, now that is a quality product

    A: The driver from 2001 will NOT work with present day X.Org.

    B: If any driver supports it, it would be the open-source radeon driver built into X,Org. (
    Michael Larabel


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      okay, decided to give it a go.

      system is what it came in on:

      Pentium III 500mhz
      256megs PC 100 memory
      Via Chipset

      Mepis Linux 6.5 Beta 6

      with default driver setup: Glx Gears. Took timings for every 5.0 seconds.

      Min: 416 frames = 83.121fps
      Max: 451 frames = 90.196fps

      activated driver in Mepis X-Windows Assistant

      and no change. Average still around 86fps, although it too longer to generate each timing.

      So, right off hand, looks like the Radeon driver does nothing for the Oasis chip. Ah well.


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        I am not a MEPIS user myself, but the default driver should be the driver.
        Michael Larabel


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          Originally posted by Michael View Post
          I am not a MEPIS user myself, but the default driver should be the driver.
          it can be. Most of the time I default using the Vesa driver. Most of my monitors are either KDS or Samtrons and tend to give problems using the default configuration at 1280*1024.

          In this case, given when I set it up, I started with the Vesa driver.


          Just tried it on a Radeon 7500 I had around, even if you start with the Default configuration, you still need to go in and enable the Radeon Driver :
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            The Firegl video card is equipped with an IBM gpu, which is the equivalent of a rage gpu. If you want direct rendering to be enabled, you probably have to install the Utah-GLX drivers:

            BTW, even if you manage to get direct rendering, don't expect to much from the FireGL 1 video card.


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              First thing glussier, from the first post

              I went looking for information on the IBM Oasis GPU that the card is reported as using,
              Second thing, Utah-Glx is not in development. From this page :

              Many of the original developers of Utah-GLX went on to work on the "Direct Rendering Infrastructure" extension to XFree86 4.0. See
              The current DRI page is here :

              However, the DRI page, nor the page, or the older Xfree86 pages list any documentation on the IBM chipset.

              Also, considering posts like these in forums:





              or these pages :





              Trust me. I know and answer far more questions about ATi 3D support than I would care to admit to.

              Telling me not to expect too much from a Rage 128 is um... how shall I say... pointless.

              That being said, I asked here about the Oasis driver support, as there appeared to be little to no documentation on the card available. It was my opinion that outside of Rage3D, nobody else would be able to answer questions about the Oasis chipset.