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RADV Lands AMD GCN 1.0/1.1 Fix For DOOM Eternal On Linux Under Steam Play

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    While being a huge fan of most id games, Doom Eternal looks more like Quake III - Demon Bot Match Arena (not real). I like the Doom games from the shareware up to Doom 2016. This game? Was not impressed from its first exposure, still not impressed.

    Seems there is some cool stuff in there but dumb stuff as well, at least dumb enough for me to wait for a steam winter sale and buy it for like....oh I don't know... Five to ten bucks maybe?

    Like most games, it looks like more of the same. Now, Cyberpunk 2077? Yeah lets see it, but I am not buying it until much of my own observations have deemed it worth trying myself.

    It seems the best games are the gems I overlooked years ago having given them a try later, after they became much easier to buy.

    Buying a game right after release from my experience is the hugest waste of money these days to the point of absolute ripoff. That's why I update my steam wishlist and from time to time check on it to see if anything is on sale for an alright price.

    So is Doom Eternal worth that cheeky, sneaky, and unassumingly small price of 59 bones? Hell NO. Too generic.

    Of coarse I could totally be wrong about the game, but all the videos I have seen of it—the colors seem off and so do some of the models, and it does seem to lack that sense of dread and despair that all the other games seemed to have.

    Doom minus the dread and despair does not equate with what I consider a quality Doom game.

    A good example of an awesome Doom game which was indeed and in fact not a Doom game but a third person shooter that had dark yet classy undead-fiendish appeal, was a real McCoy—shocking, surprising, and surpassing to all that had came before it in the genre. This particular game I am typing about was made by Visceral and to this very date in my opinion nothing has really came close to its unparalleled original design.

    Seeing the paper paged expose of this title had me rabid with anticipation as I thumbed through the pages of Game Informer devouring it's contents.

    After reading about it in that magazine and absorbing it's assigned page contents, I said to myself, "I must have this, it looks wicked and undone" it was like nothing I had ever seen before.

    In fact I would say it was a Doom game that out Doomed Doom. The series sort of canned itself with the third installment but the fact still remains. It was ground breaking and original, plus it spoiled me rotten as far as sci-horror games go.

    This awesome game I have been alluding to is the unparalleled Dead Space. I must have beat the original more than ten times, yes its that good. I have it both on PS3 and PC.

    We need a new mining suit driven, Necromorph stomping slosh pit.
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      Different games for different folks I guess. I've been loving Doom Eternal. On my Windows machine of course.

      Plays great, lots of fun. Well worth $60.


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        Originally posted by cute2dgirl View Post
        Open AMDVLK is nowhere near Windows performance, the proprietary Vulkan driver is another 25-30% faster on my RX 480.

        RADV runs even worse without ACO, and ACO requires a pending MR + some hacks to expose missing features.
        It's hard to tell since I don't have a windows machine.
        But I did find a benchmark of rx 580 running Doom Eternal on the world wide web and numbers looked similar to mine.


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          Originally posted by Zan Lynx View Post

          We should note that many people, including some normally smart online reviewers, are very confused by Doom Eternal.

          The game is designed to dynamically adjust its graphics quality in real time in order to maintain frame rate at all costs. There are apparently override settings for this. I don't know what they are.
          Probably the "dynamic resolution" setting.
          It needs to be turned off for any benchmarks on many modern games.


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            Goodness that post took me more time than I wanted, but I really felt I needed to edit to get how I feel about where games have gone in many areas. The gaming industry has kind of been not so great lately. However, I do enjoy playing older titles and Metro Exodus.


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              Originally posted by Zan Lynx View Post
              Different games for different folks I guess. I've been loving Doom Eternal. On my Windows machine of course.

              Plays great, lots of fun. Well worth $60.
              Glad you like it, maybe I eventually will but at a later date when on sale.


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                Originally posted by humbug View Post
                LOL apparently for Doom 2016 the devs even internally had a working Linux build.
                They have a working Linux build for this game, too. It's a Stadia title.


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                  Performance though for GCN 1.0/1.1 with this 2020 high profile game will be challenging on Linux but at least it's a working option now for gamers on these old GPUs.
                  That a video card from nine years ago can play a game like this is indeed very impressive, especially since there probably is not much support left anymore from AMD Corporate for GCN 1.0/1.1.

                  This right here is what I appreciate about open source so much. Someone who owns this card should only be forced to purchase new for two reasons: New software requires it(Doom Eternal may be that item) or the card physically goes bad. These cards new back when were in the $500-$600 dollar range.

                  Don't deprecate my purchase! Deprecate "forced-obsolescence".

                  The other good thing is that as RADV gains new use cases, more fixes will be introduced as new bugs are discovered, which will in the end make RADV all the more viable. Also ACO for these older-gen cards.


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                    Well against me saying I was going to wait, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a Powercolor Red Devil 5700xt. Here's to some fun getting to run AMD's GPU stuff. Hopefully all goes well and I don't wrack my brains out too much, this is uncharted territory for me. Will be learning more and more about RADV.

                    I mean come on GTX 1080 ti performance for around $480 after shipping+taxes (Wanted a quieter and cooler running card so I paid a higher premium, GDDR6 gets hot), performance will likely get better with driver updates, had to jump on it. Relatively reasonable power draw for the card I bought. Performance wise, I find AMD fascinating as the cards seem to end up always performing faster with each support release, I was very surprised at some of the benches for just an RX 580 2-3 years out. I am ready to kick nvidia out of my system.

                    My GTX 1070 has served me well but it's time for something new, different, and more powerful from AMD.
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