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    and in some countries it is legal to crack copy protection to use content you paaid for. But the content mafia is doing everything to change that. Luckily politicians are cheap.


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      They used to sell only the DVD players only to OEMs not end users. It would be a nice addon to a fast booting linux environment - just accelleration is needed then. Currently those system use only vesa capable xservers. I tried to install NV binary drivers on Moblin but was unsuccessfull. The kernel module compiled but there was an issue with the X server. So for embeeded use in BD players you have to create something that really boots fast.


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        Originally posted by RealNC View Post
        The point is that this is illegal. Decrypters are not authorized by the content owners. Only authorized players enable you to legally play this content on your PC. Hence my point about CyberLink. That's how it is. When you rent or buy a DVD or BD, you agree to its license. If you don't agree, stop watching them.

        Of course most of us ignore legal issues.
        The DMCA can suck on a big fat apple whole. I am firm believer in FAIR USE. According to the fair use act, it is perfectly legal. As far as I'm aware that act is still in place. Any contradictions that happen can be sorted out by the politicians. And if ATi wants to aviod that mess, all they have to do is simply dont release documentation that puts them at risk. And that would be doing me a great favor. Frankly I dont want DRM laden hardware. The less DRM laden documentation we have the better off we will all be. If we could develop a driver that was completely DRM free, that would be the ideal. And I believe that it is possible to do just that. All this making excuses about how necessary DRM is... Is well, bullshit.
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