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Running The Linux 5.6 Kernel With AMD Radeon Graphics

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    Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post

    I haven't watched it yet. Been meaning to...but I keep forgetting it even exists...

    Just checked and it's on Prime so I'll make a mental note to watch it when I finish my current evening binge of DS9.

    Hopefully I'll remember it this time.
    You'll be surprised.


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      Originally posted by Linux_Chemist
      haha voyager was a bit bumpy first couple of seasons (with really good ones like "S02E13 Prototype" and "S02E23 The Thaw") And we don't speak about "S02E15 Threshold" but even cringy episodes like the dinosaurs evacuating earth and becoming this super advanced race in the Delta quadrant becomes an intelligent and powerful episode on Religion conflicting with Science. Molto bene...sublime to watch.

      I love the Borg stuff and the Doctor, but you can't say episodes like 'Living Witness', 'Warhead', 'Muse' and "Critical Care" aren't quintessential (f**king masterpiece level) Star Trek For me voyager > DS9 fundamentally because it shows the very best of our Federation ideals in a strange new galaxy, trying to get home while following scientific inquiry and being altruistic without being holier-than-thou (say what you will about Janeway lol). That great episode 'Equinox' best shows this, where another captain succumbs to the 'screw our ideals, I'll do anything to get us home' mentality.

      Never got into BSG, it's on my list, I preferred Stargate (the ending to Atlantis still haunts me for how lazy it was)...and then The Ark of Truth's lazy as hell plot to explain away the Ori... man, I miss the good old days of SG1, that was some stellar scifi.

      You guys been watching The Expanse, I hope? That's absolutely fantastic stuff
      I agree that there are amazing episodes of Voyager, but for me, the problem is that at the end of the episode and the start of the next one .... everything is fine now. That is ok for TNG who are just a ship flying around local space but Voyager are in a shit situation and that should have reflected in an overarching theme like for example in Enterprise Season 3 ( awesome season by the way, prob best Star Trek season overall.).

      I think out of the "classic (not shit) " Trek series DS9 is prob the best overall, TNG TOS and Voyager have amazing episodes but are not as strong overall Enterpise has a slow start but season 3 and to some extent 4 saves it. ENT like the TNG TOS and Voyager has good episodes in season 1 and 2 but over its whole run i think DS9 is better.


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        I'd say HDCP is bug, not a feature. At best it does exactly nothing, at worst it screws you up if you're unlucky.


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          Originally posted by moilami View Post
          I remember watching Galactica when I was a kid, was damn awesome. Have to find them series.

          Obligatory Topic: Very happy AMD RX 5700 and Ryzen 3700X user here. Debian Testing with kernel 5.4.19-1 does not seem to have any issues. GTA:O goes smooth in maxed settings with vsync enabled.
          Just recently switched to an R5 3600, can't wait for a good RX card to replace my GTX 1070.

          So yep I jumped on the RYZEN bandwagon. Its really nice to see the tdie sensor in kernel 5.4.
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            5.6.x (tested RC1 until RC3) is giving me strange tearing every 5-10 minute on 5700xt. switching back to stable 5.5.6 seems to solve the problem.

            Did anyone got similar issue?


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              What setup was used for the 5.6 kernel? The official AMDGPU driver seems to be incompatible with Kernels later than 5.4.