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A Possible Workaround For AMD APUs With Stability Issues On Recent Kernels

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    Is this a WORKAROUND? Judging by the name it is and in that case it should be fixed properly.

    But if it isn't then this parameter value should be the default. No one has to change kernel configuration in Windows to have the system work correctly.


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      I have the same issue on Vega 56 and kernel 5.3. If i try to play csgo the system crash after five minutes. I'll try with the kernel parameter.


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        Originally posted by gukin View Post
        I was having issues with 5.4 and Mesa 19.2, just intermittent hangs for a few seconds but once I went to Mesa 19.3 the first hang would hang the GPU, I could get my desktop back by logging in remotely and doing an sddm restart.

        Happily this fix worked for me, well my 2400g, and I've had no hangs since adding amdgpu.noretry=0 to my kernel boot line and rebooting.

        It's odd that these processors have been so temperamental, and this issue carried on with the 3400g. I'm looking forward to getting my Renior APU processor.
        I would not count on Renoir being better! We can hope but AMD is still recovering from bad times and as a result their current success will take some time to filter down as far as driver quality and hardware quality.

        Don’t get me wrong I’m due for a laptop upgrade and Renoir is the strongest possibility at the moment. However this time I will wait for feedback from the community before buying. Frankly the only other possibility is that somebody delivers an ARM based laptop that doesn’t suck. So yeah very hopeful for Renoir but I’m going to wait a few months for the dust to settle.


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          This is starting to get really ridiculous... Just what the hell is going over at AMD? At least in terms of their CPU division. I don't understand why we're seeing OS-centric issues. C'mon AMD... I really don't see why you guys can't do some testing outside of Windows.

          My original plan was to wait for 3 months after launch before going to AMD to avoid all the inevitable early adoption issues they seem to have with each CPU release since the first Ryzen... Now I'm not sure if that will be sufficient time at this rate. Guess I'll stick with Intel for a bit longer...

          I have invested into AMD, I think it's important that AMD continues to put competitive pressure on Intel, and I'd prefer to be on a platform that isn't suffering constant speculative execution issues that are (more or less) specific to the architecture... But AMD needs to get their shit together.


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            It seems to do the trick for my Matebook D 14 with Ryzen 5 2500U, thank you ! Finally I can update to kernel past 5.2.


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              This didn't help with the instant system lockups i'm seeing on my raven ridge everytime I start an opencl task in boinc.
              Ohh well, I guess it just has to be accepted ...


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                Pretty poor show I think


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                  Originally posted by josh_walrath View Post
                  "APU"? W-what's that??
                  That's the name AMD uses for their CPUs with iGPU.