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  • New to AMD GPU's

    Just built my new rig. However I have always used Nvidia gpu's in the past. This is my first AMD gpu ever. I bought a 5700XT.
    I installed Linux Mint Mate 19.2 version.
    My system is mainly used for gaming, some streaming, ripping and video conversion. I obviously do general computing as well.
    I have installed the 19.30 drivers from AMD's site. However there is no control panel that I am aware of. So I am not sure what options I have fully enabled or not.

    How to get the best performance from this card? Any settings or options I should be using, and where to enable or disable them?
    Not sure if the drivers from AMD's site are my best option or if there is something out there that performs better.

    I have tested my setup with a few games. Lutris (WoW Classic), Faster Than Light (Steam), MineCraft (Java). Everything seems to run alright. And am fairly impressed with the overall setup so far. But I am mostly curious how or where to look up any data, options or features like in the Nvidia control panel.

    Any way to see the GPU/Ram temperature? GPU usage? Ram usage? Clock Speeds? Or even adjust the clock speeds and fan curve?