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Back in the market.. GeForce or Radeon?

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  • Back in the market.. GeForce or Radeon?

    Hi. My system (phenom II x4 975) has been riding on a backup GPU (nvidia 9800gt) for a couple years now. I had a gtx460 for years. When it died, the 1030, 1050 etc had not come out yet. Although I have since considered getting one of those, I'm wondering about the current state of Radeon in Linux. I haven't tried an ATI/AMD GPU in many years. The last one I bought was AGP! (so it's been a while haha)

    Moderate 'gaming' capability is not a huge deal for me these days.. (though not completely off my radar) I'm mostly worried about having screen tearing / vsync problems that can't be remedied. I remember struggling to mitigate it with Radeon in the past.

    Likely anything you can tell me would be helpful. I am guessing I will probably end up going with the geforce 1050 (MAYBE the 1030), but I want to make sure I'm not overlooking AMD if they should happen to be providing good enough Linux support today.

    Suffice to say I'm a bit out of the loop on this subject.


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    At that price point you're probably looking at an RX 580. That's a polaris card, which is very well supported and stable nowadays. Distro's also have a recent enough mesa for it to be fully usable out of the box.

    For AMD I would say that cards released in the last year might get you in trouble if you don't like debugging and/or using kernel/mesa builds from git. But for anything a bit older, you'll get very stable cards.

    I have a 480, also polaris, that's been going strong for years with three monitors with no issue at all.


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      Thanks very much. Your tip gave me the necessary info to get my comparisons back on the track.