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AMD Begins Posting "Dali" APU Linux Graphics Driver Patches

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  • AMD Begins Posting "Dali" APU Linux Graphics Driver Patches

    Phoronix: AMD Begins Posting "Dali" APU Linux Graphics Driver Patches

    In addition to AMD's open-source Linux driver developers being busy in recent weeks bringing up the Renoir APU support, today we've seen the first baby steps towards bringing up "Dali" as another upcoming AMD APU...

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    Originally posted by .
    at least one or two should be black and at least one LGBTQ+ , all in nuked river, likely couple mosque minarets and smoke from Notre-Dame Amazonia and Syberia still burning, no fan needed for Raspberry Pi 4

    Everything sounds fine, delay for Debian, delay for Brexit.... Benjamin Netanyahu called Boris Johnson as Boris Yeltsin, next stable CoC approved kernel will be released as stable
    What does this have to do with AMD??


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      Oh great.

      Next thing you know they'll be working on llamas.

      Get it?

      Dali? ... Llamas?

      See? Don't listen to what others say! I'm incredibly funny


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        I do hope that this effort is not wasted on stupid manufactures. I can't honestly recommend an HP computer due to their terrible firmware support. That is really sad because this laptop actually runs really nice. The GPU bugs are still on and off a problem, but for my usage the crashes are not a huge factor. How much of that is HP and how much is AMD to blame is totally unknown to me. All I do know is that AMD will start losing ground if these coming hardware releases are significantly buggy. One might as well try a bleeding edge ARM machine and put up with slightly Alpha/Beta hardware in the context of Linux.


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          Originally posted by dungeon

          With a bit of artistic insipration you could easy spot historical inconsistence, so what was France back then is not France of today and so on.

          Even in AMD naming there is inconsistence, as is not advanced micro anymore, currently it is nano and soon pico
          Advanced Micro Devices

          Navi and Zen are excessively advanced.

          Micro is slang for "Microcomputer", which 100% of PCs are, pretty much.

          Graphics cards and processors are devices.
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            dungeon go home, you are drunk.