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RX590, Windows vs Linux (questions about amdgpu driver)

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  • RX590, Windows vs Linux (questions about amdgpu driver)

    Hey folks. On Windows, my RX 590's fans are kept turned off unless the GPU gets too hot. In my case, the GPU stays cool in most cases. They turn on when I'm playing games. On Linux, the fansare kept on even when I'm idling. Several others have had the same problem and as far as I can tell, their solutions involve manually controlling the fan with different types of tools (wattmanGTK, radeon-profile, etc.). I'll probably end up using one of these solutions but because I'd prefer something stable, I decided to look into the problem closely.

    Here's the strange thing. On Windows, the GPU stays in pstate 0 most of the times and the GPU clock hovers around 300 MHz. I observed this with the AMD Radeon Settings. On Linux, using wattmanGTK, I find the GPU clock fluctuating wildly. Even when idling, it does not stay at pstate 0. Instead, it goes to pstate 1, 4, 5, and the GPU clock goes to 900 MHz, 1100 MHz, and so on. This is even when the GPU usage is 0, as reported by wattmanGTK.

    What's the deal? Is anyone familiar enough with the amdgpu driver to explain why the GPU clock is not reduced and kept low, particularly when there is very little GPU use?

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    I used to have this same issue. For me, it's been fixed on amd-staging-drm-next kernel. IIRC, it was something to do with memory power states when running higher refresh rates, or multi-monitor setups.


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      Thanks! I'll try it out and report back.


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        Use the latest mainline kernel (5.3-rc7 now), latest firmware files and Mesa master like Oibaf ppa with AMD graphics.