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Valve Has Been Developing A New Mesa Vulkan Shader Compiler For Radeon

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    Good on Valve. Even though I have no AMD cards around right now (and it's unlikely I will, I'm waiting for Intel cards to come to market), I still want to support Valve because they try to make gaming better by improving the infrastructure.


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      Originally posted by bridgman View Post

      When you say "quit using RadeonSI" what are you using for OpenGL ? AFAIK your options are either Mesa with RadeonSI or our closed source OpenGL driver from the -PRO packages. I suspect you are using amdgpu kernel driver plus Mesa/RadeonSI GL driver.
      The Radeon and AMDGPU kernel drivers are what I was referring to there. I hadn't finished my coffee yet and remembered the wrong name.


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        Originally posted by msotirov
        And that is why I have no problem with Steam's monopoly. They are a good company that cares about the whole community and not just about profit. Screw all the other launchers who just want a piece of the pie.
        They only "care" because that's what it takes to keep their business model atm. and the only reason for that is the other monopoly, Microsoft.

        As soon as they'd gotten true dominance they'd stop caring whatsoever. Companies only care about revenue.


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          Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post
          I hadn't finished my coffee yet and remembered the wrong name.
          I sure understand that. I'm jumping back and forth between Shanghai and NA time so need morning coffee at least twice a day now
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            What does ACO stand for? Advanced Compiler Optimizations?