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AMD's Initial Graphics Updates For Linux 5.3 Include PowerPlay Improvements, HMM Usage

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    Great to see this update but I will not be picking up a new video card until it is supported in Ubuntu. (Hopefully 19.10). I might be an idiot but I had too many issues running the latest and greatest and I will just have to wait until "out of the box" support is working. Looking forward to upgrading my old GTX770 to some new Navi hardware.


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      Originally posted by Panda_Wrist View Post

      Intel provides code far enough in advance that most operating systems will have support for the hardware on day one. --Intel is killing desktop linux.

      AMD may or may not have patches in a private repository. Only releasing said code on day one of hardware release, thus requiring compiling the kernel and mesa to get it working. --AMD is saving desktop linux.

      *not actually hating on AMD, just hating on debianxfce dumb logic. Code for new Intel hardware is available much sooner than new AMD hardware, that is sadly a true fact, one that I hope changes in the future.
      IIRC AMD (bridgman?) mentioned that the market for dedicated GPUs is quite competitive so they don't want to publish driver code before official announcements/release. APUs (which includes Intel's current graphics) are different so they can release code much earlier. Assuming that assessment is not AMD-specific I expect we will see similar patterns for Intel once Intel sells high-end dedicated GPUs.