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vega 56 or gtx 1660 (need fast answer)

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  • vega 56 or gtx 1660 (need fast answer)

    I have vega 56 and gtx 1660 and have (this day) short time to choice just one.

    Its just for cs:go, i have intel 4 core/thread 4.8 ghz, nvme samsung 970, 4 gb ram.
    And the performance both card is very similar.
    Around 170 fps, in 2560x1440. I think is low fps, you have same card/result ?
    I expected more fps with vega 56 than gtx 1660, i dont know what is the problem, polaris are better than vega driver ? i have tested with last kernel 5.1.5/5.2rc2 / mesa 19.0.3
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    cs:go is light game but my test 1920x1080, 2560x1440 in all low settings, gtx show more fps like 30-100 more, i go test for high settings.

    In Superposition gtx 1660: 6811 avg 50 fps and vega 56: 7552 avg 56 fps.

    I not play other game than cs.


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      I done all test:
      1920x1080, 2560x1440 and all high, all low, in 15 different place in map

      gtx 1660 win in all resolution and all quality, by +0-100, only time when vega 56 win +20-40 is only places where image quality is extreme.

      So, vega is good only where quality image is too high.
      I dont know but i think, high shader is good for high image quality fps but lower gpu clock cant get more fps than gtx. Maybe navi have high clock.

      debianxfce You are using old mesa and llvm. Both have seen some optimizations.
      vega 56 launch is 2 years before, if i cant see performance with mesa 19.0.3 i think is pretty same with 19.3.
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