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AMD Releases Open-Source R600/700 3D Code

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    I bet you think the moon landing was a hoax, too...

    Honestly I'm a bit tired of this, it borders on trolling.


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      Originally posted by soros View Post
      You'll likely never see those registers. The powers that control AMD have already decided to stonewall the opensource movement.. probably led by a dominant faction controlling microsoft.

      linux will never see 3d opensourced.. just ain't gonna happen.

      Both r600_demo and radeonhd include a header file containing all of the register names, offsets, field names, shift and mask info from the register spec document. If you're having trouble sleeping you can take a look at :

      Register info and sample code using the registers is already out. The only additional information in the register spec document is comment information with tips & guidelines for the fields. I didn't feel we had enough review coverage on that part of the package so pulled it out for now to avoid holding up the rest of the information.
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        > There hasn't been much interest in XvMC so far

        Perhaps you missed Phoronix's "2008 Linux Graphics Survey"?

        The #1 activity was video playback, listed by 37.90%

        "the second area with the most interest is seeing video improvements to X.Org"
        Chart says 21.26%

        Video playback/acceleration was listed by 15.09%

        "When it comes to video playback improvements, the leading open-source solution
        right now is through XvMC"

        A related feature, TV-out was listed by 19.6%

        > I guess the issue is that the only place XvMC really buys you much these
        > days is playing HD resolution MPEG2 streams, typically from off-the-air
        > HDTV (ATSC, DVB), and not many people seem to do that.

        Does the date 2009-02-17 mean anything to you? Do you actually think that
        not many people watch TV?

        So there is need/interest. When will FLOSS drivers accelerate mpeg decoding
        on AMD/ATI GPUs?


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          > > There hasn't been much interest in XvMC so far

          > Perhaps you missed Phoronix's "2008 Linux Graphics Survey"?

          Bridgman is probably talking about developer interest, not general interest. We may not like it, but unless someone with the technical knowhow becomes motivated, neither XvMC not tv-out will see the light of day. That's the way the open-source world works.

          What's so signifcant about 2009-02-17?


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            I started a new thread to get the XvMC discussion out of the r6xx/7xx thread :


            BlackStar, Feb 17/09 is the cutover date from analog to digital broadcasting in the U.S., ie the date your analog TV stops working unless you have a set-top box to convert digital broadcasts to analog. Other countries have different cutover dates.
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              nvidia sucks big time...

              Bravo to AMD and Intel.


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                Thanks AMD/ATI. And especially thanks to bridgman for your documentation work and involvement on the Phoronix forums.

                As I will most likely be auto compiling radeonhd daily where should I send my driver experiences (bug reports) to or who will be working on the R600 (HD 3850) driver?


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                  I was wondering, if it would be possible to make GPU load monitor for Gnome/KDE just like there is for the CPU?

                  Or can such a thing not be made for a GPU?


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                    Great Work! I have already started spreading the good word about your cards. My next card will definitely be from AMD again.

                    I am so excited now with this documentation drop and the recent Gallium3D developments. We're almost there!

                    Would all this allow open source GPGPU? Your recent cards are such beasts it seems a shame to let them go to waste for even a second.


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                      In the past we have talked about CAT, KGrids, and TCore, which are all internal ATI/AMD software projects used by their driver developers, but these are no longer being open-sourced.
                      now i finally understand what does "imminent" mean in phoronix-slang ;-)

                      aside from that - more great news for ati+linux users.