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AMDVLK 2019.Q2.3 Has Improvements For Some Games, LLPC Optimization

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    Originally posted by aufkrawall View Post
    skeevy420 You may have fed DXVK's pipeline cache in the first run with radv which would also benefit amdvlk in subsequent runs.
    In my experiences with Hitman 2, it'll build cache anytime the Vulkan implementation is switched and the cache doesn't exist. Luckily it only has to do it once -- If I play a level with RADV and let it build up cache, switching to AMDVLK will trigger another cache build, AMDVLK-Pro another, and switching back to RADV or AMDVLK will work just fine w/o triggering a cache build. Oh, and AMDVLK-Pro is just horrible with this game.

    The only annoyance is it builds its cache on a per-level basis so the first 5 minutes of every level just sucks

    It takes two complete runs of the Miami benchmark for it to quit generating cache to allow my HDD light to quit blinking which is why I go with four runs. Two to build up cache, a third as a just in case run, and a fourth to get the real results.

    I'm not saying it won't or doesn't share cache, but it does build it for each one.

    Out of curiosity, has anyone here had any luck getting Hitman 2 to even launch in DX12 mode? No matter what I try I get some unsupported GPU error.


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      skeevy420 The driver shader cache is unique for each driver (although it doesn't get reset when switching between e.g. radv and amdvlk and back) but the DXVK pipeline cache is universally valid (feeds driver shader cache).