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Interested In FreeSync With The RADV Vulkan Driver? Testing Help Is Needed

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    Originally posted by Creak View Post
    moriel5 Not that I don't believe you, but I need more facts behind these claims. I know for a fact that Dell sells laptops with Ubuntu on it, and it's easy to verify, there is an official page for them on Dell's website, it's even the first result when I search for "dell laptop linux". But for the other brands, it quickly starts to be blurry. For instance, I searched for "asus laptop linux" there was no official webpage whatsoever.

    So I did some research:
    What I had said was based upon my work as a computer repair lab/store assistant, where my employer works with the official importers (there are 2) in our country (HP has their own import, but in addition to the two aforementioned importers).
    Most Dells have options of either Windows or Ubuntu, with a select few being Windows only;
    Most HPs have options of either Windows or HP-Docs (I played a bit with it, it runs some 3.x kernel of Linux), with some being Windows only;
    Most Lenovos have options of either Windows or FreeDOS (my IdeaPad 300-15 for example, came with FreeDOS), with a select few being Windows only;
    Most Asus laptops are Windows only, some had an option for eOS (not Elementary), and some came with another, better known Linux distro (I forget which).

    I had personally set up many of these laptops for customers, so I am pretty sure of what I had seen.
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      Michael I don't seem to have permission to edit my own post, is the fact that it is unapproved due to the fact I had just posted it?
      Update: For some odd reason it was flagged as spam.
      Update2: Thanks, the post can be seen from here when logged out as well.
      Update3: Editing my post has resulted in it being flagged as spam again?
      Update4: Thank you once again, all seems to be alright now. I'm not going to try touching that post again.

      Creak Until my post is approved, I'll post that due to my work, I had personally handled laptops from Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Asus, after they arrived from the official importers in my country, so I am pretty sure of what I had seen preinstalled on them.
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        I has Freesync monitor and "Radeon VII" video card and I am interested for adding Freesync for RADV in mainline. Of course I will testing this patch, but I am worried about one question.
        How developers to know that everything works well? If I don’t find any bugs, then there will no bug reports from me. Therefore, I wonder how I can feedback through positive reports?
        I suggest to make a form with applications which should be tested to make sure that everything is fine. And everybody who want helping tesing Freesync would filling this form.


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          Great success. See notes:

          It is currently necessary to inform Xorg that wish to enable adaptive sync via the following amdgpu option:
          Option "VariableRefresh" "true"
          perhaps the failed tests didn't have that option set :shrug:


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            Creak debianxfce I made it!