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HELP: Settting up a PC to do all my desire.

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  • HELP: Settting up a PC to do all my desire.

    I have a PC, what im using to browse, to watch movies/yt, to play, and to cryptomine/boinc tasks. On windows its working, however, i recently began to switch to linux completely.
    Asus Z97i-plus
    16GB DDR3 1866 MHz
    RX VEGA64 (originnaly aircooled, now under watercooling)
    3 SSD 2 HDD

    First ive started with Ubuntu, LTS, but the graphical ui looked so outdated, id ditn liked too much, and a lot of people told me, if i want to use my VEGA64 to the max, i should have the newest kernel/gpu drivers installed, pretty much like on win (different story, that a soon two year old gpu still bleeding edge, is just shocked me), so i did that.
    First, updated the kernel, at that time it was 4.20. For some reason the system hang up randomly, couldnt figure out why. Reinstalled, and then installed 18.50. Then people started almost like shouting at me, that the pro driver is not for me. Okay, again tried to install the newest kernel, hangups and freezing again. In the meanwhile tried to run boinc and claymore dual miner, just to let the gpu do something while im not using. No go. Without the pro driver its not an easy thing to make it work. Reinstall, at this time Fedora 29. That felt like a nice system, but when i started to pick up the newest mesa drivers + vulkan modules, i began to get problems. To do so, i had found two copr repo, che/mesa and nadmartin/mesa. Che had the latest mesa driver nadmartin had the latest vulkan modules. To install these modules had to grab LLVM 9 too, so che/llvm was the right there laying choice, made it happen. Had to add them in the right order, but figured. Then tried to install steam from rpmfusion. But to do so, dnf want me to downgrade those goddamn drivers..... Okay, back to Ubuntu, there its not a problem, i can install steam with the latest mesa and vulkan modules installed, so i was happy, got to jump on opencl. But, again. Pretty much cant install pro-opencl on 18.10, without figuring out how to hack the deb files, to accept the os version, and did some mistakes again. Reinstall, went over this procedure, till opencl, then instead of pro-opencl wnet with rocm. But now stuckd at here:<error> Could not make binaries for gfx900. Its about the same on every miner software ive tried till date. The problem, clinfo gives back info what seems to be right, and yet... What is interesting too, while mining softwares have this problem, boinc just do fine. When it got any opencl task (tats an another thing i have to investigate, why only astropulse send task, and why my pc receives only the old 8.00 applications, none of the 8.22.

    So im askig some guide, about where to look at to build up this pc/software set to work as i wish. Without dualbooting (whats a pain in the ass for me, just because for my style of using my pc), if anyone could help with this, id love it!

    Thank you in advance!

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    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
    For open cl you have these choices too:

    Internet says that there is no sense to mine with a single GPU, you need to own a factory of mining hardware that is beyond normal people. Those who have get rich with bitcoins are investors that invested to bitcoins and not to hardware years ago.
    The first one im not sure is reliable for VEGA gpu, the second one i have tried, with a failure, but i might have an idea, why it didnt worked. About profitability, that wasnt part of my question. And OpenCL needed not just for mining, depending on my mood, whichone im running, BOINC or cryptomining.