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    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

    Where is your big list of struggling 4K OpenGL games? 144Hz is for pro gaming and they use the virus hoover.
    I'm barely a gamer at all and definitely not a pro, but I use a 120 Hz monitor and I'd never go back. My office monitor make me cry, while my home monitor take me back to the responsiveness of old CRTs screens.

    Since the '80s I've used various monitors and switching from CRT to flat LCD it was a sidegrade/downgrade (better for the eyes, worse for the responsiveness, same for resolution) and cranking up in resolution changed nothing, as DPI stayed the same until recent years (say 5 years), the only thing that "wowed" me was switching to my 120Hz monitor.

    I've also tried 144Hz and didn't see a noticeable difference, but the 250Hz is a whole another level. Try them at your tech shop (mediamarkt/bestbuy/whatever).


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      Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

      - Euro Truck Simulator 2 Demo
      - Project: Gordon Demo
      - War Thunder
      - Sanctum 2
      - Rocket League
      - The Talos of Principle 64-bit with OpenGL API
      - Tomb Raider 2013
      - Saints Row 2
      Well you can include proton games in that list too, but those games you listed are probably old enough to work fine, except Warthunder which has performance issues due to what their done to the OpenGL component of the game (downgraded it to 3.3 I believe).

      Oh and TR2013 I can confirm that gets real messy in many areas in opengl, if you are going by BENCHMARK results then your being misled, actual gameplay tells a completely different story.

      Lately I've only been playing KCD, Kingmaker, PillarsOfEternity2, KCD is proton, Kingmaker on the other hand runs OK at 4k but there are parts of the game that really tank hard. POE2 so far is running really well...

      ATM I play vulkan Warthunder with the following argument (if your using xfce, to avoid the blackscreen issue).
      Not sure if the -renderer:vulkan argument works to be honest, might need config file editing.

      sh -c '(xfwm4 --replace --sm-client-disable&sleep 2&&killall xfwm4&&cd "$HOME/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/War Thunder"&&DRI_PRIME=1 ./linux64/aces -forcestart -renderer:vulkan);xfwm4&'


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        Originally posted by theriddick View Post
        Anybody who likes and plays at 4k cares. Or those 144hz crazy people.
        almost nobody judging by card sales statistics


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          Originally posted by Buntolo View Post
          I'm barely a gamer at all and definitely not a pro, but I use a 120 Hz monitor and I'd never go back
          one of my monitors is 240hz, but my videocard is mainstream one. see, how it works?


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            Originally posted by pal666 View Post
            almost nobody judging by card sales statistics
            You know that's more to do with the cost of cards right? most people are poor saps


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              Originally posted by pal666 View Post
              one of my monitors is 240hz, but my videocard is mainstream one. see, how it works?
              It's simple: human eyes CAN see more than 30 fps, and 240 Hz is way, way, way better than 60 Hz.

              To anyone stating the opposite or that more than 60 Hz are useless (or better, smaller response and transition times are useless), take a paper with printed text on and move it up and down. Now open your word processor/text editor on your PC and scroll up and down. See any difference? Ok, that means that your eye can see the difference between a 60Hz screen and real world.


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                It doesn't even make sense to talk about eyes and human perception in terms of FPS. Eyes and brains don't work like a monitor or a computer.

                But when talking 240hz it's not so much about what you see anymore. It's about how it feels. It's about minimizing that latency which is something we are far more sensitive to, especially experienced gamers.

                Watching cinema at 24fps is fine. It's non interactive and if recorded with correct exposure it sort of blurs one frame into the next in a way that makes it look more fluid than a game rendered at 24fps which is usually quite unplayable regardless of genre.

                I've got a 144hz monitor. I play most games locked at 60fps to minimize power consumption and noise from my PC. There are certain games though which are difficult to enjoy at 60fps and awesome at >100fps. I would never be able to play CS:GO these days below 144hz, and I love how fluid Doom 2016 is at high refresh rates.

                Usually, if it's a game console type of game then I lock my fps, pick up my xbox controller, lean back and relax, but if it's mouse and keyboard kind of game with a fast pace then unleash the frames!

                Also, there's nothing wrong with a 240hz monitor on a mainstream video card. Not all games are demanding. Someone who buys a 240hz monitor usually does it for competitive CS:GO or something like that, and that is not a demanding game in terms of graphics.