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AMDGPU DC Code Improvements Bring Better Page-Flipping

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    Originally posted by sandy8925 View Post
    As I said, when you're using hardware that isn't officially supported you really don't have all that much to legitimately complain about. It's a bit like complaining that an american car from before they took lead-based additives out of gasoline doesn't run all that well on un-leaded and that said manufacturer's cars don't run that well because of it.

    Talking about support under windows is also pretty pointless as the Windows driver simply hasn't gone trough anything like the re-write that the Linux driver went trough with the move to AMDGPU. On linux said hardware is older than the main codebase, meaning proper support requires a whole bunch of legacy code paths to be written, which is drastically different to the Windows driver where the main codebase is older than the hardware and the necessary code paths were added the hardware was new.
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      Originally posted by tildearrow View Post

      Mesa does have that functionality since 2013 (, [...]
      That never landed (unfortunately, Michael tends to report on patches which were merely submitted for review as if they were already landing). Even if Mesa starts supporting this in the future (should be pretty easy to implement with DRI3/Present), it'll be disabled by default, unless enabled by the application via the GLX_EXT_swap_control_tear extension (or by the user via driconf).

      Is this about a particular application? It sounds like it doesn't measure frame times properly, causing it to use wildly varying animation steps between frames. If you have a test case demonstrating a Mesa bug, please file a bug report at .