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R500-700 TV-Out Coming To X.Org Radeon Driver

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  • R500-700 TV-Out Coming To X.Org Radeon Driver

    Phoronix: R500-700 TV-Out Coming To X.Org Radeon Driver

    David Airlie has shared that he's been working on the TV-Out support for the xf86-video-ati driver on the newer card generations. Last year there was Radeon TV-Out support for the older ATI graphics cards, but David Airlie now has it working on the R500/600 series and is about ready with the R700 series support. This TV-Out support is being powered by the AtomBIOS...

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    Very good job.

    I just wondering if there is a real need in radeonhd? Seriously.. ;-)


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      interesting news!


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        Great! I just tried hooking up my old tv to my pc a few weeks ago and was dissapointed to find out tv-out was not supported yet.


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          Does Arlie need testing with IGPs 690G (GIGABYTE GA-MA69GM-S2H -- component out) and 790GX (another gigabyte mobo)?


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            I think it would be useful to have a comparison table of available ATI drivers (3 or 4 ?) and its main features (10 to 15 ?). Thus we could get a better understanding of this kind of news since we would be more in context.

            Of course, a comparison table of NVIDIA drivers and its features would be also useful on news about them.

            I write this thought here because, after visiting this site for the last year, I really think that you, Phoronix staff, are perfect candidates to do that.

            I hope you like the idea.


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              Comparison of radeon (ati) with radeonhd driver:
              Robert Nelson


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                Originally posted by RobertCNelson View Post
                Comparison of radeon (ati) with radeonhd driver:
                Just noticed: "TV Out" is marked as "TODO" for everything, that is newer R300..