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A Radeon RX 590 Workaround For Linux But With Abysmal Performance

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    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

    AMD can not do anything for OEM released hardware and software before release. Phoronix have written that the reason for sapphire RX590 problems is a custom bios. AMD did send patches for OEM RX 590s in two weeks. Nividia patches their kernel driver for new kernels sometimes after a month.
    First: this is not some one OEM manufacturer's fault. I've bought Powercolor's 590 and encountered same issue. Second: oem manufacturers don't write their own bioses, they modify original using some AMD written tool, I think they just write frequences/voltage to some table. And last: with windows 10 these cards work as charm, so AMD know how to handle this. Just forgot to port this to amdgpu.


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      Originally posted by dungeon View Post

      That is like buying 5GHz i9-9900k CPU and then to run capped at 1GHz, of course that would save power
      I was joking of course!