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Radeon Linux Driver Preparing Adaptive Backlight Management (ABM)

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  • Radeon Linux Driver Preparing Adaptive Backlight Management (ABM)

    Phoronix: Radeon Linux Driver Preparing Adaptive Backlight Management (ABM)

    The "AMDGPU" Radeon Linux kernel graphics driver is preparing support for "Adaptive Backlight Management" as a backlight power-savings feature for laptops...

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    Will it work with them available Raven ridge laptop? Like HP Envy and Asus/Acer one?


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      Sounds interesting. I have something probably more primitive in my Eizo screen, but it just decreases brightness and contrast(?) in lowlight environments. Sadly there is little fine tuning (they use some light sensor in the front panel of the screen), it helps to save energy, but it usually is a touch too dark for me to be comfortable. Maybe here things will look better? But surely it requires some sort of compatible sensor, too.
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        I this is behave like Dynamic Brightness Control then I hope it will be not enabled by default, or at least disabling it will not require kernel module options.

        I also think to be useful this feature should work other way around, but as is it's highly annoying and make device usage uncomfortable.
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          All the automatic "eco" brightness modes I’ve seen have been crap. I suppose this will be crap too. Let people set the brightness and contrast like they need them to be…