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    I am seeing this message sometimes for example when plugging Color Munki spectrometer. My kernel is 4.19. I think I have seen it mentioned somewhere this message started with 4.15 interrupt changes.

    The problem is that arch/x86/kernel/irq.c:do_IRQ uses pr_emerg* which is then spammed on every terminal. Some people have added "pci=nomsi,noaer" to get rid off the message. For me this breaks platform shutdown method in suspend to ram and hibernation and machine won't enter suspend or shut down.

    Instead I have lowered the corresponding pr_emerg* to pr_err*. The message can still be seen with dmesg and in syslog but it is not spammed to every terminal.


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      I resume this discussion, as the problem of these messages continues, although we have reached kernel 5.4. In these days I have checked if there are news and I have found many recent discussions of users with this problem.
      The other day I formatted my notebook and went from Tumbleweed to Leap 15.1, the messages disappeared and above all I noticed that the notebook is much faster during the boot phase.
      Leap uses the 4.12 kernel, so something has happened with the latest kernels, it is unusual for an old kernel to be much faster than a new kernel. I have also noticed many open bugs and hopefully it will be fixed.