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AMDGPU Driver Gets Patches Enabling Two More Interrupt Rings On Vega 10

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    Originally posted by Deathsimple View Post
    Interesting that this got a news, but my VM work which has much more potential for performance improvements didn't
    Looks like i Might have missed that patch series, will go look for it.
    Michael Larabel


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      The trophy in the bad names category goes directly to Qualcomm.

      Their Snapdragon CPUs are out of control.


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        Originally posted by juno View Post

        I don't think so. But TBH AMD is complicating things.

        Vega10 is the codename of the (currently) biggest GPU AMD is building. It's being sold as Vega 56 and Vega 64. I don't think it has been built into any Laptop and likely won't be.
        Vega 10 is also the name of a configuration of the integrated graphics in a Raven Ridge (Zen CPU + Vega GPU) APU - the Ryzen 7 2700U.

        I liked the times where they had real codenames; Cayman, Tahiti, Hawaii, Bonaire, Cape Verde, Ellesmere, Fiji, Tonga, ... Now those are just the name of the generation and an arbitrary to-digit number. Polaris10, Polaris11, Polaris12, 20, 21, 22, 30, Vega10, Vega20, Navi10. How creative.
        As a matter of fact, there is a laptop, the Acer Predator Helios 500 which comes with a Ryzen 2700 and an RX Vega 56. But not sure if its out yet as AFAIK it was on preorder.


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          Similar problem - the AMDGPU-PRO video driver does not work. I downloaded from the website amd the archive for my video card and distribution kit (R7 240, Ubuntu 18.04), unpacked, installed (installed without problems), reboot and see just the black screen and in the corner some white stick flashes.
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