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Fglrx and OpenSuse 11.1

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  • mancunian
    I had problems installing fglrx 8.11 under opensuse 11.1, so I am running radeonhd for now, which is okay for me since I am not a gamer.


    Actually, the problem's been solved by simply re-installing catalyst 11 (using the automated ATI- installation) and then:

    1. rm /usr/lib/dri/ --- and
    2. ln -s /usr/lib64/dri/ /usr/lib/dri/

    As you can see from the above I am running the AMD 64 Bit version of Opensuse 11.1 RC1, which didn't take it lightly that catalyst had previously tried to load the 32-Bit dri.

    Now fglrx works like a charme. However, after my short stint with rqadeonhd I must admit that I am very impressed with the progress the radeonhd - developers make.
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  • cjr2k3
    started a topic Fglrx and OpenSuse 11.1

    Fglrx and OpenSuse 11.1

    I'm going to get my hands on my new machine this week (with HD4850), but I'm not certain about with Distro to put in it.

    Since I do like KDE 4.1 and Suse, in my opinion, is the distro that does a better work at integrating KDE, I'm thinking going to OpenSuse.

    Since I do play a bit, and for that I need FGLRX, I want to know if OpenSuse 11.1 /(the beta) play nice with fglrx. Suse foruns have mixed opinions but I saw in here in a thread or two that users hadn't problems with 8.11.

    So give me your opinion or another distro to chose from (Gentoo is out! Had my time with it already and didn't like it)

    Thx in advance