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Vanilla Debian testing with Vega 8.

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  • Vanilla Debian testing with Vega 8.

    FYI I found a way to make Vega 8 work with a mostly vanilla Debian testing.

    Basically this works:

    I installed the ucode package and the 18.06.19 kernel and headers. And it works. I prefer not to use any of the optional ppa-s mentioned there as I want to keep my Debian system as vanilla and pristine in this case as possible.

    -As close to vanilla as possible - Meaning that once Debian testing does catch up with support it will be easy to revert back.
    -No recompiling
    -You can just use your already existing Debian testing installation.
    -A bit less perforcmance
    -Waiting game - When will Debian testing update it's kernel and the corresponding firmware packages?
    -Be careful with apt when it updates the kernel
    -If you get kernel updates that don't work before Debian updates it's firmware package, you may have to manually select this kernel in GRUB every time you boot.

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    Just a note ,that kernel and firmware locked up my r9 fury in less than 10 minutes, since these problems are also happening on boot, my guess is its a memory issue. Years ago i had some built in GPU that was hell to get going on linux, the only thing that made it work was lowering the memory speed. Build in GPU's do not have there own memory they share system memory.