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Raven Ridge on Debian with latest git kernel (4.17 RC2 now) freeze on DPMS

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  • Raven Ridge on Debian with latest git kernel (4.17 RC2 now) freeze on DPMS

    I have a 2200G and use Debian Testing. I compiled the latest kernel from git (4.17 rc2 now). It works surprisingly well for its "age" compared to previous AMD APU releases.
    SO, the Bugs that bug me:

    1. The system freezes if the monitors try to enter DPMS ("try" because one enters, the other not). I have a Gigabyte GA-AB350M-HD3, with 2 monitors connected, one via HDMI, the other via DVI.
    This is reproducible in about 50% of cases or so. Happens if the screensaver/power manager puts displays to sleep or if i force DPMS from xset.
    One monitor (HDMI) enters DPMS, the other only blanks the signal.
    Complete system freeze, no magic combinations or remote access.

    Workaround is to disable DPMS for now. I will look into disabling C6 state from BIOS.
    I have the following kernel command line;
    amdgpu.dpm=1 amdgpu.ngg=1 it87.force_id=0x8728 net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0 amdgpu.dc=1 amdgpu.exp_hw_support=1 amdgpu.gpu_recovery=1 rcu_nocbs=0-3 processor.max_cstate=1
    The it87 one is there for historical reasons. Maybe the others are not explicitly needed. Otherwise the computer runs well, i have it on 24/7, it does not seem to have idle freezes.

    2. If the above bug occurs and i power down the system, at the first restart the system freezes when the amdgpu module is loaded. Afterwards it boots ok. It might be that this reboot bug is present on other occasions, but im not sure because i use my computer 24/7 so dont reboot often.

    Are there reports of these bugs above?

    PS On a positive note, the CPU is wicked fast compared to my previous A8-6500, the IGP is light years above - it has VDPAU support for 4K HW 264 decoding, h265 HD HW decoding (4k in theory, but it falls back to software, probably will be implemented sometimes), games i tried run with a magnitude faster.

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    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
    Mainline kernels have a partially implemented amdgpu driver, compare the diff column at to this:

    So use Alexs kernels. Debian has old and buggy Mesa, use Oipaf ppa Mesa bionic version.

    More info:

    After testing with latest drivers and you have problems, make a bug reports to bug report systems.
    How can i build that kernel? Just clone the repo or apply somehow above the mainline kernel git?

    I use Mesa 18.0.1 from Debian Experimental, is that considered old too (i can build Mesa if needed, but only if i treally get some real improvements)?


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      I actually compiled Mesa from git directly along with libdrm (for these 32 bit compilation is PITA, you need a chroot) and the agd5f kernel branch (the latter seems to have the same issues for me ).

      But Mesa 18.0.2 (from git) brings working 4k HEVC HW decoding and 4k VP9 decoding via vaapi (even at 60 frames it is under 10% with mpv or smplayer). VDPAU gone missing but who cares.
      Tried a few simple games, all work.


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        Once i compiled it right Mesa works well both in Steam and 64 bit stuff.
        About the DPMS freeze, i have 2 monitors, maybe it's related to that? Every time my HDMI monitor goes in sleep, but the second one connected via DVI remains awake with blank signal.
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          It seems the kernel i compiled from the agd5f repo has some issues with hardware decoding - trying 4k vp9 for example crashes the driver hard (the monitor signal is lost and cannot be recovered, but the computer is not locked up). The vanilla git kernel works fine.


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            Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

            What if you remove the power manager and screensaver applications. I hope you are using lightdm and Xfce, many other desktops are buggy.
            I use MATE and its perfectly stable. Other desktops have bugs everywhere because they force opengl rendering for everything, it is like you permanently run a game. And games are the buggiest pieces of software in existence so no wonder.


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              Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
              I was wondering what blanks my display and found this:
              Note: As of Xorg 1.8 DPMS is auto detected and enabled if ACPI is also enabled at kernel runtime.

              So you do not need screensaver or power manager. DPMS is enabled by default in Xorg software.
              In Debian/MATE at least the DPMS is commanded by the power manager. If i set the screen to never turn off in the power manager, it will obey that setting. Or X detects power manager running or whatever.
              And in this case DPMS needs to be not activated, not disabling support for it because whet the signal is cut, there is a bug in the video driver that locks the system.


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                Here it doesn't really matter where the dpms support comes from. The driver crashes when tries to manage the dpms on/off setting. Created a bug for it.