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whom shoud i report what bugs to?

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  • whom shoud i report what bugs to?

    Over the time i run into quite some issues with open amd drivers as i own and use three different generations of AMD gpu's (RX 460, HD7790, HD7480D(igpu),RV710/HD4550) and always use bleeding edge from padoka or oibaf. Mostly they get fixed soonish. But sometimes i get some that stay over several weeks and googling them or searching them on yields no results, making me think nobody reported them.
    Now to the main question:
    When i run into a bug how do i tell were to report it?

    Example bugs i am experiencing:
    - on my RV710 card fonts in the majority of programs do not render. This does however ?only? happen with LXDE as desktop environment. Unity is not affected.
    - on my RX 460 some OpenGL applications crash the whole graphics stack (i think, needed to ssh onto the PC and got a lot of dmesg messages, my other Xorg instance using the other card on the same PC froze as well) .

    What kinds of issues should i report to whom:
    - lxde
    - xorg (what subcategory)
    - mesa (what subcategory)
    - kernel
    - ubuntu kernel launchpad
    - someone else?
    How do i tell what part of the whole graphics stack caused the issues i am experiencing? Should i simply report it to some place i think is most likely responsible and then wait for them to send me off to the correct location? Or to all involved parties and simply expect them to close the issue if it is not their fault? Or send them to highest instance (i.e. report the first example to LXDE, the secound one to the OpenGL application crashing the system) i find for that bug?(expecting them to forward the issue downwards)

    And finally a different but related question:
    What information should be included/are required to fix bugs? Are screenshots helpful at all? What if nothing special is in any log file?

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    Thanks for asking. The quick answer to "where" for driver problems can be found on the RadeonFeature page:

    If a problem seems to be more specific to a single distro than a generic driver problem, then reporting to the distro is usually more effective.

    Reporting GPU driver bugs to the kernel bugzilla is not recommended - the category exists for completeness and bugs posted there may occasionally get noticed, but the graphics subsystem is (a) really big and (b) includes both kernel and userspace components working closely together so has its own bugzilla and list of categories.

    re: "which part of the whole graphics stack caused the issues I am experiencing ?" the answer depends on whether the problem is a regression (it used to work and now it doesn't) or something that has never worked.

    In the first case, you can usually tell because the last component you updated is probably what broke it, and you can confirm by trying different versions of the major components (typically mesa first then kernel then X drivers) to see which component seems to cause problem to come and go.

    In the second case, you probably can't tell for sure which component is at fault, so I think the general rule of thumb is to report against the highest (in the stack) component that might be involved, so for a game issue probably Mesa, for an X issue probably the X driver etc...

    Sending to multiple parties is usually not helpful - better to post one place and monitor it. You may get conflicting opinions here but IMO posting the same bug multiple places just messes up the databases so you end up with an infinite number of open issues eventually.

    Screenshots are definitely helpful in the case of corruption. You may also find some cases where the problem does not appear in a screenshot but does appear on your screen - that is also useful info, and you can take a digital pic of the screen to show what you are seeing.


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      Thank you for this answer. That cleared all my Questions
      Funnily the bugs got fixed in the latest update (which i installed shortly after posting).