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    reintroduced graphical corruption in savage2.


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      Originally posted by Kano View Post
      Maybe check your ram in the time you don't emerge something
      It passes memtest86, 8 hours Prime95, kernel compile, OpenOffice compile.

      One thing I didn't try right now is downgrade to X.Org 7.3 and Catalyst 8.4. That was the last time I used Catalyst (it was working, but I had a different GPU).


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        Originally posted by tmpdir View Post
        Yeh i considering something similar. Think i will go for a mainboard with integrated geforce 9300... its just not worth my time to go with an ati board.
        Good luck with that. I hope you don't intend to use KDE4 ...

        Originally posted by kir? View Post
        I was interested in buying a radeon 4870 or 4850 but after seeing that ATI is still a huge problem, I will take care of my nvidia 7300 GT (that just works).
        ... which is probably the wisest choice. Not only "never touch a running system" but more importantly the 7 series by NV has been the best supported graphics cards under linux to date.

        Still I don't think "ATI is still a huge problem". It's some people (on the last two pages it's actually one person only) reporting problems. I mean who write in fora most of all? People with problems. And if you just compare this thread to previous months, this one is absoultely silent. On the contrary most ppl here have been reporting "best driver in months". And I can just back that from the debate on the ArchLinux forum. Majority of people with problems report it's working now with 8.11. The buggy install scripts are a pain, yes.

        What I find more disturbing though is the slow adaption to other vital packages - mainly the kernel and X. Support for a new kernel or xorg-server only two months after release is just way too late. Support for 2.6.28 should be in the driver already now so people with a ATI card can check out rc's. But I fear we won't even see this in the Catalyst 8.12 - with the new kernel having been released already by then.

        My point just is, ATI is so crappy and there are so many good alternatives? NV's performance and support quality for linux we were used to (had a nv6200 until 6 months ago) have been decreasing since the 8 series. And installation? Overwriting half of the xserver making the whole system unusable after an update of the later until you uninstall nvidia, re-install xorg-server and then nvidia again. That's extremely user-friendly compared to ATI, of course. Or take an Intel chipset with the already hardly existing 3D acceleration having no support from the drivers at all.

        I'm tired of coming to the forum and every second day reading a new "ATI is so crappy, become better for me" thread. At the moment we all have to make sacrifices on linux. There is no perfect solution. Crying out loud and writing hatred threads/posts doesn't help noone.


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          just look here:

          performance problems, performance problems, artifacts, font corruption:

          (with class 7 gpu ....)
          GeForce 6600: broken font display (Antialias?) (177.xx):

          so nvidia's drivers are better? I don't think so. They were. 12 month ago. And even back then a lot of people had severe problems.


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            The thing is, as said above, people that usually post on forums are asking for help because X driver is not working, or something similar. This is the case for any driver.


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              Originally posted by energyman View Post
              so nvidia's drivers are better?
              I guess a question mark and a sarcasm smiley were not enough to express what I actually ment? Maybe also language issue here, after all I'm no native... I was trying to question the issue myself too.

              They were. 12 month ago.
              Just what I was trying to express... Thus my resume that there ain't no perfect solution at the moment and people should please stop whining and shouting at ATI in every second post. I was trying to be destructive towards those being destructive here all the time.


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                finally, I got the driver working. My mainboard has 128mb sideport memory for onboard graphic. If I set the UMA Framebuffer Size to 128mb (minimum) in BIOS, I get the heap manager bug. If I increase it to 256mb, everything runs fine.


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                  Originally posted by falloutboy View Post
                  finally, i got the driver working. My mainboard has 128mb sideport memory for onboard graphic. If i set the uma framebuffer size to 128mb (minimum) in bios, i get the heap manager bug. If i increase it to 256mb, everything runs fine.

                  thank you!!!!


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                    Originally posted by Inkaine View Post
                    Good luck with that. I hope you don't intend to use KDE4 ...
                    I don't :P


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                      Originally posted by tmpdir View Post
                      I don't :P
                      oh, gtk based crap is suffering too. So if you want to use X you should use something neither based on gtk nor qt4