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Some interesting pages around AMD V1000 - Epyc 3000 (embedded), mentions SMACH Z

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  • Some interesting pages around AMD V1000 - Epyc 3000 (embedded), mentions SMACH Z

    Infos on the products, cTDP and more. Seems to be some FP5 BGA. Aww, I had hoped for it to be an AM4 option, too (kind of Kabini successor). Though focus seems to be very much on OEMs for gaming machines, medical, industry or thin clients.

    They feature ECC (confirmed already afaik), SEV, SME and yeah, unwanted by most users fTPM via PSP.
    TDP options from 12 to 54 W, two ranges cTDP 12-25 W and 35-54 W. 2C/4T up to 4C/8T.
    H265 de/encode (de up to 10bpp, en 8bpp), VP9 decode.
    Good assortment of interfaces / I/O. Could be a little more SATA for me, but there might be boards / ext. chipsets with additional support.
    It's looking quite tasty if you can ignore that pesky fTPM/PSP.

    The Smach Z still seems to be alive:
    SMACH Z handheld console will create new opportunities for portable gaming devices, enabling users to play AAA titles at HD framerates, delivering desktop-quality power and graphics in the palm of players’ hands,” said Daniel Fernandez, chief executive officer, SMACH. "By leveraging the new AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 with superior graphics capabilities and mega processing power in our console, we are ready to revolutionize the on-the-go consumer gaming experience."

    Advantech showed a board already (some embedded fair in Germany here, wrote about it very recently, I think here ECC was confirmed).
    Also a lot of other names familiar from the embedded "scene" can be found, up to Seagate (maybe some NAS?).

    edit: Aww. Am I still tired? That should have been posted to Hardware... sorry, was a reflex to combine AMD+Linux.
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