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    I was getting confused with my Skylake, which had HEVC just not the 10bit stuff, I wonder if Vega2 will have AV1 stuff baked in


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      I think that VP9 encode would be great , but I feel that other codecs will surpass it by the time we get that.


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        Originally posted by davidbepo View Post

        nope, raven has hardware vp9 decode:
        a shame there is no vp9 encode tough
        For ffmpeg, on the project wiki it claims that encoding through GPU usually produces lower video quality than encoding through CPU. "Hardware encoders typically generate output of significantly lower quality than good software encoders like x264, but are generally faster and do not use much CPU resource. (That is, they require a higher bitrate to make output with the same perceptual quality, or they make output with a lower perceptual quality at the same bitrate.)"

        I've been encoding my videos using CPU into H265 format in an MKV container. I'm not sure if the $65 Chinese Android TV box I have can handle VP9. I know it can handle H265. My two desktops are an AMD FX-8320 and AMD Phenom X6 1055t, so the encoding takes a few days per film. But I just queued them all with shell scripts, so I don't care. I know it's using a lot of electricity and generating waste heat, but it's winter anyway any heat my PCs don't throw off would need to be replaced by the heat pump for the house anyway.