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R600g "Soft" FP64 Shows Signs Of Life, Enabling Older GPUs To Have OpenGL 4 In 2018

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    Originally posted by airlied View Post

    Not everyone has a xeon, radv at least on lower CPUs seems to win out,

    But apart from Cayman I doubt a Vulkan driver would be worth it.

    If you mean versus OpenGL, i say OGL shouldn't be existed at all, you could easily drop it tomorrow morning. If you mean versus Gallium, i say that Gallium must be replaced not because it's bad but because its not unified. I actually mean that Vulkan is a unified intermediate system for all possible state trackers, graphical and computation. Basically i only believe in future Vulkan and today's D3D for gaming, guess where D3D11 is faster on Linux.
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      duby229 Well, we can conclude what is the problem simply by testing GNU/Linux native application genymotion (Android layer for VirtualBox) on radeonsi (any "GCN" GPU) where default OpenGL profile is 4.x, while wine could be completely different problem as you pointed out. Gallium nine actually renders everything corectly with 4.xCOMPAT profile, it's wine D3D translation to OpenGL where that screenshot comes from, but both wine D3D and gallium nine do crash with 4.x core profile, just to clarify things.


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        Originally posted by airlied View Post
        Thanks for working on this, mate. I recently needed OpenGL 4.3 on a Barts Pro, but the official drivers are no longer supported on my distro. I ended up getting a Polaris, but I still have the VLIW5 card and might use it in something else. It's still a worthwhile card, at least specs-wise, and should hold its own against current entry-level dGPUs.


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          Originally posted by nanonyme View Post

          I disagree. Only reason for sw fp64 are conformance with OpenGL 4.whateveritwas. You're not expected to use it ever
          You can disagree as much as you want. If you were not supposed to use it you wouldn't need conformant implementation. You can force enable the extension (and higher GL version) even now.