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NVIDIA's Binary Driver Doesn't Yet Play Nicely With Linux 4.15

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    Originally posted by tildearrow View Post
    This is why AMD is better. It works on any kernel without waiting. (this is only my opinion)

    I like, endorse and support your opinion.


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      Originally posted by bridgman View Post

      For previous GPUs we had to double-implement the display code each time - DC-based code for AMDGPU-PRO and OEM / embedded customers (using AMDGPU-PRO kernel plus open source userspace), plus a simpler non-DC version for upstream.

      Vega10 was the first GPU where we felt that DC was sufficiently close to going upstream that we did not implement a duplicate display code base and instead focused on getting DC upstream more quickly. We did have DC-based code in public repos at launch as you mentioned - the only thing missing was getting DC upstream.

      I suppose you could call that a fiasco but we felt it was a reasonable decision given the timing.
      Now comes the second annoying part though which is getting rid of the duplicate drivers so they don't need to be maintained for rest of time


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        Well, its nvidia, one of most opensource-hostile companies in the universe.