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GPU temperatures (using the proprietary driver) Windows vs. Linux

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  • GPU temperatures (using the proprietary driver) Windows vs. Linux

    I've been using several Nvidia Cards (from 6000 onward to 1060) in the past several years, running the proprietary nvidia driver and was wondering why the GPU temperatures have always been considerably higher when running the same system on Linux (Debian, Fedora, etc.) compared to Windows? Even when the system is idle, there's sometimes a +20°C difference in GPU temperature. From what I can tell using nvidia-smi, the drivers keeps increasing GPU/Memory clocks even when moving the mouse cursor or when launching/closing applications.

    So my question is if there's anything one can do to avoid this and if I'm really the only one who's annoyed by this?

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    I have a fresh build on GTX 1060. I have not tried Windows, but on my setup idle temp is 35-37 degrees and about 70 under load, do you have something completely different?


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      My build is very simple:
      GTX 1060 6GB, Fedora 25, Gnome-Shell and the latest nvidia drivers (mostly the short-lived versions).

      Temperatures are fine when I'm not touching anything (around 40°C, with GPU fans not spinning). The problem is when I'm opening simple applications (gedit, gnome-terminal, etc) or moving windows arround. When I do this, the driver is automatically increasing CPU/Memory frequencies to an insane level for 2D applications, resulting in temperatures exeeding 50°C.

      During gaming, the temperatures are roughly the same compared to windows.


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        I'm not using gnome and I'm on F26 due to Ryzen, but one possible cause would be Wayland not playing nice with it, generating too much workload, no issues here on KDE


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          I've been using and other DE like KDE in the past and it's basically the same thing.