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Twinview gaming issues

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  • Twinview gaming issues


    I've run into a little problem with trying to run games on my twinview set up. I have 2 monitors, a 21" sony CRT & 24" acer LCD, with the LCD configured as the secondary display (this cannot be changed due to a driver bug). I'd like to able be able to play games on the 24" display.

    I've set up the following metamode:
    Option "MetaModes"  "1600x1200,1920x1200;NULL,1920x1200"
    which does load successfully when an application requests 1920x1200 fullscreen (shutting off the CRT), but the application is then displayed halfway off the screen (as if it is being centered across the span of both monitors).

    Right now I can just start X with only one display active when I want to play games, but that is a hassle, and I'd like to get the problem solved.

    Oh yeah, I'm primarily using Quake 4 and Doom 3 to test this, but it's the same across all applications as far as I can tell. Suggestions?

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    In my opinion, TwinView in the past hasn't been the best for gaming for NVIDIA. Have you tried using Xinerama instead?
    Michael Larabel


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      I haven't tried Xinerama yet, but will test it out this weekend.

      I was mainly using twinview because of the speed penalty incurred with Xinerama for games (which I read about in your comparison).


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        James, how did your NVIDIA Xinerama experience go?
        Michael Larabel


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          It went quite well actually. It solved my problem with the image being centered across the two monitors. I haven't done any performance comparisons other than my subjective experience, but if there's a difference I'm not noticing it.

          Thanks for the advice.


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            xinerama works for 3 screens ?

            hi there,

            i like to combine my 26 inch lcd and two 17 inch CRT screens into one big X desktop . is that possible ?