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PRIME Syncronization (and packages for Opensuse and Ubuntu)

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  • PRIME Syncronization (and packages for Opensuse and Ubuntu)

    NVIDIA annonced the solution for NVIDIA PRIME configurations that fixes tearing. It is named PRIME Syncronization.

    There is detailed documentation explaining how it works:

    You need:
    • Linux 4.5,
    • X-Server 1.19
    • and NVIDIA driver 370.xx

    But the X-Server 1.19 isn't released. If you do not want to wait, install it from the GIT. Also you need enable "IgnoreABI" option:

        Section “ServerFlags”
            Option “IgnoreABI” “1”
        EndSection community have prepared X-Server packages for Ubuntu 16.10. x86_64 DEB, DEB-SRC. If you want to make PPA using this source, you're welcome! Currently there is no xorg-xserver-xmir build (bugreport is there), but the repository version 1.18.4 should'nt conflict with X-Server

    Gears on Gallium community have prepared X-Server GIT packages for Opensuse. OBS repository