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NVIDIA 177.68 Beta Driver

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    Originally posted by deanjo View Post
    Did you apply the performance tweaks?
    Yes, unfortunately.


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      Originally posted by dickeywang View Post
      It would be helpful if you include a link to the actually Nvidia release note/changelog, wouldn't it?

      Personally, I don't like how Phoronix arranges links in their articles, I understand it is good to have a high clicks rate so people tend to have links in their article that would link to other articles on their own website, but from a reader's point of view, most of the links in Phoronix's articles are useless to me.

      Sorry if it is a bit off-topic.
      That's somehow true.
      Links could generally be better applied, especially to external websites.


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        It appears that the CoolBits (and overclocking in general) are totally broken for me on 177.68, my card is 6600GT AGP. Can anyone confirm that?


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          Can anyone confirms that 177.68 kill "3d" mode in diablo 2 ?


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            I'm happily using 177.68 with Diablo 2 here (8600GTS, Fedora 8, WINE 1.0, Diablo2 1.12a using Direct 3D).

            I've not had a problem with Diablo2 for a long time now with any of the NVIDIA drivers... I used to use a GLIDE wrapper with it, but that started causing problems and lately the D3D option has been solid so it's in "it just works properly" here.

            Speaking of "killing" WINE using games, 177.67 and 177.68 both solved the problem I was having with 177.13 killing "Max Payne" whenever I tried to save / pause / drop to the menu, etc.