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Nvidia silently released minor update of their drivers

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  • Nvidia silently released minor update of their drivers

    Haven't seen any release info on website or dev forum, but new driver is available here:

    Any idea about what changed since 358.09?

    edit: diff returned this (some minor changes to source files and updated binaries)
    +    * Fixed a bug that could cause nvidia-installer to crash when installing
    +      from a driver package that has had precompiled kernel interfaces added
    +      to it (e.g., by using the "--add-this-kernel" option).
    +    * Fixed a regression from 358.09 that caused G-SYNC monitors configured to
    +      use 3D Vision stereo to go blank and report an unsupported signal.
    +    * Fixed a regression from 358.09 that caused OpenGL applications that failed
    +      to negotiate permission to perform glXSwapBuffers via flipping to stop
    +      updating the screen.  This was triggered on Fedora 22 where the SELinux
    +      system policy prevents gnome-shell from communicating with the X server.
    +      Now, OpenGL applications that fail to negotiate flipping will fall back to
    +      glXSwapBuffers via blitting.
    +      See for more details.
    +2015-10-12 version 358.09
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  • #2 1.18 support?

    EDIT: No, Only 352.63 supports ABI 20.
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