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Nvidia Shield TV Pro and nouveau

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  • Nvidia Shield TV Pro and nouveau

    So it seems I'll be able to buy a Shield TV Pro for about ?220 soon and hopefully replace its HD with a SSD and install proper Linux on it. I'm presuming it will be a SATA3 interface? I'd be surprised if it was anything less. The Tegra K1 broke new ground for NV as they contributed a full, open source X driver to nouveau. I'm hoping this is going to be the case for the X1 chipset too?

    So, what's the state of X, Nouveau, OGL, Wayland, Vulkan, KMS and friends on whatever GPU is in the Shield TV Pro? I read an article on here recently where hrw (Marcin) had Fedora and GNOME running quite nicely on some vastly overpriced Aarch64 dev board but with Radeon graphics so I'd like to think we'll be able to run X properly on the Shield TV soon.

    Maybe the Shield TV Pro could be a modern, desktop-class 64bit ARM computer your average Linux enthusiast can afford?
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    Ideally I'd be able to dual-boot Android and Arch off the SSD on the Shield TV Pro. I think these could be great devices for Android devs but I'm not interested unless I can install proper Linux onto SSD and fully utilise the GPU with nouveau.


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      This should've prob been posted in the nouveau / open source Nvidia forum so if anyone who can wants to move it then please do so. Thanks!