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NVIDIA 349.16 Linux Driver Brings Fixes

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  • NVIDIA 349.16 Linux Driver Brings Fixes

    Phoronix: NVIDIA 349.16 Linux Driver Brings Fixes

    The NVIDIA 349 driver series has been stabilized today for Solaris, FreeBSD, and Linux with the debut of the NVIDIA 349.16 update...

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    Meh, still no Wayland support?


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      Only next year

      I have no hope of seeing wayland support in 2015 (perhaps only some half baked initial effort) , they want to make deep changes in the way the driver works, and the internal effort for it (the linux team) just don't have the manpower to pull it off so quickly, the shame is that linux might be 2% of the desktop, but we are the ones who people listen and ask for directions when consuming hardware, I hope one day they figure it out that making a perfect and complete linux experience is a much batter deal then what their current efforts demonstrate.


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        Nvidia an AMD Blob Drivers still have to support Mir an Wayland.


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          Does anybody know about the problems with Bioshock Infinite in Nvidia + Amd CPU has been solved?