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BioShock Infinite Is The Latest Game Showing Why Linux Gamers Choose NVIDIA

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    games nvidia optimized

    Don't forget that nvidia pressures game developers to use their extensions instead of standard opengl features (and AMD does the opposite). The result is that most games are nvidia optimized and some "optimizations" are only there to slow down AMD cards (

    I remember seeing (but i cant find it now) a benchmark where a they compared a standard opengl function and the nvidia extension on both nvidia and amd cards...
    the standard call was almost the same speed, a little faster for amd card... when using the nvidia extension was a little faster (but very little) in the nvidia card and much worse for the amd card

    So the usage of certain features and optimizations are a major hit for amd cards, and require extra work from amd to try to workaround those problems in the driver

    so no, i don't support nvidia... they don't play fair, they don't release open drivers. I do support intel and amd for their open drivers, i may lose performance now and features, but i will win in the long run ... also, i already have MANY GOOD GAMES that work well in mesa, i can play those until mesa add missing features for newer games


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      with native Linux-games Catalyst seems to shine,

      the last time I tried it out

      R9 270X, catalyst + Metro: Last Light

      worked until close to the end where I had to give it back - no stability issue or crashes - at all !

      the opensource drivers were from almost stable to totally unstable (3.14, 3.15, 3.16-rc*)

      With nvidia (GTX760) - it kept on crashing after that - so I couldn't finish Metro: LL, haven't done so since

      the native version (or: port) of Metro: LL and also Metro: LL Redux isn't very Linux-desktop friendly, that's at least my impression

      it still causes sound underruns on my Intel HDA with pulseaudio - so I had to force or explicitly set alsa on it.

      According to it seems to use alsa internally

      which is kinda lame when pulseaudio isn't considered & the same behavior occurs on Redux ! (which you had to pay extra)


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        Originally posted by Kano View Post
        It must be very expensive... I have got the game but a monthy DL limit, not worth to spend 50% of that traffic for 1 game.
        He. he, nvidia fanboy changed the subject again How you hate AMD is funny to me


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          I never player MLL with Windows but finished it with a Nvidia GTX 650 Ti. It is a similar Kepler chip just slower and i guess something is wrong with your card or something else. I don't have Redux but MML you can play with OSS too, Intel Haswell was a bit slow however.


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            For a game that is part of AMD's GAming Evolved campaign this is pretty pathetic.


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              Originally posted by MoonMoon View Post
              For a game that is part of AMD's GAming Evolved campaign this is pretty pathetic.
              Ah, they hold "Gaming Evolved" logo ? For Civ:BE Aspyr removed it

              I don't think AMD users will see something good from those Mac porters
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                Originally posted by kaprikawn View Post
                Hopefully Vulkan will require a driver rewritten from scratch which leads to a better written driver for the AMD cards.
                yes, it will. they have nothing in common. there was also one more interesting fact posted on reddit from LunarG in their AMA. vulkan driver for intel used at GDC was about 27k lines of code and 8k for SPIR. this is considerably smaller than GL. this doesn't solve the GL situation though

                AMD probably even starts with advantage there since most of Vulkan is derived from mantle and they already had driver for that.


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                  Originally posted by MoonMoon View Post
                  For a game that is part of AMD's GAming Evolved campaign this is pretty pathetic.
                  The guys doing the port are known to target nvidia cards explicitly. I am actually impressed it runs on anything else at all.


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                    Kernel updates on stable distros are only security updates.[/QUOTE]

                    No, not in general.


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                      Kernel updates on stable 6 month or longer distros isn't usually a big problem except when driver support lags even beyond 6 months but that isn't that common I don't think. The updates are mainly just bug and security patches on the same kernel point release that doesn't ABI.

                      Now rolling-release distributions like Arch are a different story but even then there are mechanisms in place. For instance, Catalyst driver in AUR and the 3rd party repo uses special patches that enables Catalyst 14.12 to support the 3.18 and 3.19 kernels. The same thing goes for Xorg releases when possible and when it's not a 3rd party repo was created to enable users to downgrade their Xorg/XServer or prevent an upgrade.