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NVIDIA Updates Its Linux Legacy Driver For GeForce 6/7 GPUs

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    Originally posted by Commander View Post
    Mantle is an API that derived from console's but is not the same,
    XboxOne uses DirectX and Direct3D and/or custom to hardware
    PS4 uses from what I know OpenGL and/or custom
    Mantle is a mid-level API specific to a single GPU architecture. It is NOT a low level API, and can not deliver the types of performance gains a low-level API can offer.
    XB1 uses a form of DX11 tailored to the HW/SW stack of the XB1.
    The PS4 uses a form of OpenGL ES as its high level graphics API, but also sports a libgcm library for low-level HW access. For performance, using libgcm is preferred over PSGL.

    So you are starting to create an ecosystem that looks like this:

    Windows: Mantle, OpenGL, or DirectX
    OSX/BSD/Linux: OpenGL
    XB1: DirectX
    PS4: OpenGL ES (PSGL) or libgcm

    NVIDIA: OpenGL or DirectX
    AMD: Mantle, OpenGL, or DirectX

    You are fast getting to the point where we are going to return to the days where different API's/Vendors support different feature sets. Remember the days where Glide offered the highest quality level, DirectX supported lower detail but higher resolutions, and OpenGL had the lowest resolution but advanced graphical features? We're going back to that. And that's not good for the ecosystem as a whole.

    All this goes back to the failure to significantly update OpenGL back in the 2.0 days.


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      It's been a long time since the OGL 2.0 days.

      The root of it is that developers target the consoles and couldn't care less about PC gaming.


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        Originally posted by eydee View Post
        First part: I guess contributing to the open source driver is much more than what nvidia does. Nvidia can stop anytime. The open source driver will live on no matter what happens to AMD. This is the real legacy support in my opinion, they place control into the hands of the users.
        The open driver can also fall into a state of unmaintained mode and even dropped from mainline. This has happened with other open drivers. Same pitfall, if someone qualified isn't around or willing to maintain them, then they fall off the bus. Nvidia does support their products well past the point where there are a number of people still using them. That trend has always been the case since nvidia started putting out blobs for *nix.


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          One of my boxes has a GeForce 4 and NVidia some time ago showed me a middle finger.
          Free drivers rulez!

          EDIT: Nouveau lit my 1366x768 monitor with no troubles, in NVidia's prop. driver it was really a hassle to configure.


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            Originally posted by Mat2 View Post
            One of my boxes has a GeForce 4 and NVidia some time ago showed me a middle finger.
            Free drivers rulez!

            EDIT: Nouveau lit my 1366x768 monitor with no troubles, in NVidia's prop. driver it was really a hassle to configure.
            Since we're sharing anecdotes...

            I too have a box with a Geforce 4. Nouveau does not work well with it, this is the bug I'm hitting: The blob works great however. I had to install xorg-server-1.12, which is the last version supported by the now end-of-life legacy branch for Geforce 4, but other than that no problems.


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              Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
              I really want to know how people keep getting such crappy luck with AMD cards. Catalyst is not that hard to set up - I got very few problems with it. The open source drivers are, in my experience, more dependable than intel's. I get more visual artifacts and performance issues out of intel.

              If you stick with GPUs starting from HD4000 and older, or if you get the latest release, AMD is a bad choice. Get something a year or two old and they're great.

              I would have to say nvidia has the best support. Personally, I don't really care that they don't support open source. It'd be nice if they did and would make linux much better as a whole, but considering the performance they offer by doing things their own way, they're under no obligation to change their strategy.
              i have a laptop with a a8-4500m apu in it and the catalyst drivers did work, it was annoying how slow amd responds to xorg server updates and all the extra steps i had to setup to be able to install the driver (arch linux here). i also faced 3d performance issues and glitches when running stuff in wine. its no where near as good as on windows for performance but even when I had windows 8 installed I still had glitches. i'm now running the open source drivers and so far they have been working great except 3d performance....

              on my desktop I have ran nvidia exclusively since 2005. fx 5200, 6600gt, 6800gt, 8800gts, 470, 570, 670, and now a 770 and never had issues. they work like a champ and the performance has been pretty much on par with windows.


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                My impression from this is same old story from AMD. They don't support Linux, open driver or not. Even the binary blob should work since they use Windows code but it's not the first time I read that it's unpredictable in Windows - meaning, it is not sure to work. I have read of Windows users complain about driver support regarding AMD. You expect Linux drivers to be good?

                So, you cannot even use the binary drivers which should at least give full functionality of the card and decent performance. Yet, it's supposedly more buggy than open drivers?

                If your choice is between open and okay performance but many lacking features and often bugs vs fglrx (just a mess?) which is not reliable, then it stands to reason that people will take nvidia since they invest a bit more even though they don't offer a decent free driver (and let the community support that). It's a shame but some ppl just want their cards to work without much trouble.

                Maybe I'll get an AMD card for fun/kicks some day but from reading here, it sounds like it's a headache and probably many features not working or displaying bugs.