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NVIDIA GeForce GT 740: I'd Rather Have Maxwell

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  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 740: I'd Rather Have Maxwell

    Phoronix: NVIDIA GeForce GT 740: I'd Rather Have Maxwell

    NVIDIA recently began shipping their TITAN Z graphics card that sports two unlocked GK110 GPU cores and 12GB of video memory, but for those that can't afford this $2,999 USD graphics card, on the opposite end they also began shipping a new budget graphics card: the GeForce GT 740. At Phoronix today we are seeing how well the EVGA GeForce GT 740 Super Clocked graphics card compares to many other NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards under Linux. There's also a number of AMD/NVIDIA Linux performance-per-Watt metrics, GPU thermal data, etc, in this latest Linux graphics card review.

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    Totally agree. Little kepler's were fine until nVidia debuted Maxwell. At this stage of the game, I would not recommend little Kepler after seeing what little Maxwell can do. At this point, nVidia is just trying to get rid of overstock on kepler and thus the 740. Still a fine running card under linux but you get far more bang for the buck on Maxwell. Big Maxwell is just gonna be scary. Will AMD have anything to compete with big Maxwell in linux? I have my doubts as they have a hard enough time keeping up with an old GK104 as it is with their current flagship and their ever dwindling alt-OS R&D.


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      Last page, ?Unless you simply need? should be ?If you simply need?.


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        I'm not sure if this was mentioned, and I never looked into this myself, but I'm SURE this GPU is just a rebrand of the GTX 650 with a small overclock. When it comes to nvidia, anything from GT#50 and below, they tend to be (but aren't always) rebrands of the next step higher from the last generation. I own a GT 630, which was a rebrand of the GT 540.

        So all that being said, Michael, if you are to buy a GPU, get one that couldn't possibly be the exact same chip. So for example if there's a GT 730, that would be a better card to review, since you don't currently own anything that could possibly share the same results. You already own a GTX 750 so you don't have to think about that.

        But anyway nice review. One of the reasons I like this website so much is because of the very un-biased opinions. You rarely ever see other websites say "get something else".

        @stqn the way it was originally written still makes sense and as far as I'm aware, is grammatically correct.


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          Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
          @stqn the way it was originally written still makes sense and as far as I'm aware, is grammatically correct.
          Grammatically correct maybe?
          Unless you simply need a graphics card for a composited Linux desktop or accelerated video playback and absolutely need something under $100 USD, the GT 740 is fine
          I?ll make the sentence shorter to make it clear: ?Unless you?re broke, the GT 740 is fine.? This is not ? I assume ? what Michael ment. ?If you?re broke, the GT 740 is fine? is the intended meaning. Or it could be ?Unless you?re broke, the GT 750 is better? (but then the end of the sentence would have to be fixed too).


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            Nvidia fails to understand that people in the low end GPU market don't care about 3D frame rates (or they'd buy something better). Cards in this class should be cheap, passively-cooled, and have the latest PureVideo/VDPAU features. This card is a failure from that perspective.