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NVIDIA Drops Linux Driver Feature Not Found On Windows

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    "Feature parity" with Windows is probably a bit of a stretch there.


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      If they want feature parity they should disable dx support.


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        nVidia - not even once


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          Originally posted by birdie View Post
          This is a far more important issue which affects a 1000 times more people than those who need 4 displays support.
          Wow... o_O


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              Fuck you Nvidia, I buy AMD.
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                Originally posted by brosis View Post
                This is actually characteristic to Nvidia. This is their "spoon" of crap to the "honey jar" of performance.
                Its pure luck Dolphin project didn't notice that, prior to rating them as "excellent".

                They have history of artificially limiting driver, if hardware name is not acceptable. For example, they crippled OpenGL extension on non-Quadro cards, causing a lot of games to reduce FPS.

                Now, they cripple card possibilities, because microsoft told them so or because they expect user to pay 1000$ extra, for their blessing within driver.

                This is not something new... either accept them or change vendor (and get other "mentalities")

                This is proprietary application. Is it any *advantage* to the user? No. This is for your information, schmidtbag.
                Actually, there is an advantage to the user - better performance and all the features you initially paid for. If nvidia deemed this monitor limit part of the price, then that's your problem, not theirs. If you happen to find a way to work around it, fantastic - you just cheated them. If this is a problem that only linux has, it's PROBABLY because they encountered issues when trying to make it work. Sure being open source would give the community the opportunity to fix the problem, but nvidia doesn't want people messing with their drivers because they don't want customers complaining to them about a problem they didn't cause. HOWEVER, it wouldn't be such a bad idea if nvidia had a separate fork of their current drivers and open sourced those (much like chrome with chromium), but, I'm sure one of the other core reasons for not open-sourcing their drivers is because of trade secrets they don't want AMD or intel to know.

                If you haven't noticed, I didn't respond to your posts from the Maxthon article because you keep focusing on certain conditions or scenarios, you misinterpreted half of what I said, and you seemed to try a little too hard to argue with me. Proprietary software has it's place.

                I would have to agree that it is pretty crappy of nvidia to put software limitations on their products, especially when they're already a bit on the expensive side. But, for the past 10 years, I have never liked nvidia for multi-monitor setups anyway. That being said, I would much rather buy nvidia for performance and overall working-as-advertised hardware than to go for them for multi-monitor setups.


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                  Adhering to the lowest common dominator to even the playing field and make it equally shitty for everyone.

                  I guess AMD cards are more attractive, with AMD Eyefinity which handles up 3-6 monitors per card.


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                    Does "feature parity" takes places only when the features are going to be removed?

                    I can't figure out why nvidia went from 4 to 3 monitors on linux instead of just raising windows to 4.

                    Anyway, if i'm right, optimus support under linux is not on par with windows.
                    Are you nvidia going to fix optimus on linux, or "for feature parity" are you going to make the optimus support worse on windows too?
                    Maybe the same applies to stereo3d.


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                      Originally posted by darkbasic View Post
                      Fuck you Nvidia, I buy AMD.
                      Damn. Sorry to hear that.