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  • Optimus Clarification Questions

    Hello There;

    With the release of optimus-like feature mentioned earlier on this digital publication with the text "Added initial support for RandR 1.4 Provider objects with the Source Output capability" I ask you bleeding edge enthusiasts of the linux desktop:

    1. Does this feature allow me to use my discrete graphics chip along with its allocated high performance VRAM to compute three dimentional graphics and output them to the intel chip successfully?
    2. Did you experience any artifacts like tearing, lockups, crashes, extremely short battery life or 3rd degree burns with this soaptimus setup? (I'm not concerned about ?berlong battery lives as I don't play games on battery power and 2 hours is generally enough for my day to day AC powerlessness)
    3. The most important question: is it worth to do an update of the whole low level graphics and kernel stack to achieve the more fps goal? I'll need this FPS and GL support for steam games like Halflife2. I can use my laptop for watching HD videos without tearing right now using intel hd4000 graphics chip and playing g00d 0ld games like baldur's gate or dosbox titles with it. Is there a risk of destroying the atmosphere of serenity around my laptop?

    Thank you in advance for your unarrogant and untrolled answers.