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NVIDIA 100.14.19 driver in 64-bit Linux and 32-bit OpenGL libs = problems

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  • NVIDIA 100.14.19 driver in 64-bit Linux and 32-bit OpenGL libs = problems

    So I installed the latest drivers through yum on my Fedora box, only to see a number of 32-bit games simply brake beyond belief. Traditionally, nVidia has had good support for 32-bit applications in OpenGL running on 64-bit Linux systems. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the packaging (will have to test the "vanilla" driver) or if this is due simply to my card being too old and now falling away from the "current" supported line and falling into the "Legacy" bulk (will have to test that as well, have an FX 5900). In any case, all 64-bit native games (most of the games I have installed using Fedora's yum and its repos, and UT2004-64) run as normal, also those games using SDL to do OpenGL acceleration run normally (Quake 4, Neverwinter Nights, UT'99 with the SDLGL renderer, Quake2 in SDLGL, etc, etc), however those using OpenGL (and GLUT?) directly do not. Most disturbing is the fact that games such as Doom 3 and Penumbra fail to find some critical extensions that make the games run "smooth" on my setup (granted not at maximum resolution and without some "eye-candy" settings such as FSAA, but otherwise smooth performance).

    The most demanding games I've currently have installed are Doom3 (RoE), Quake 4 and Penumbra Overture... If you count UT2004 in that group as well, it is also installed. Of which only UT2004 has a native 64-bit binary, which runs without a hitch (well if count without a hitch the fact that some parts may be missing [the swamp area of the Antalus level lacks foliage and other effects which do show on ATI hardware], runs otherwise fine).

    I'm only posting this more like an account of things I've encountered than a plea for help. I will still go to and see if there's anything of this sort reported there, if not report it... if the vanilla driver also shows the same behavior as the livna driver, which at this point, I'm fearing it will.

    If you have encountered this problem too, well, welcome aboard.

    [miocro rant disclaimer]

    Funny, though... Never had I had problems with nVidia in the past, and now that AMD has just released part of their hardware specs, more stuff to follow, I start having issues... Gotta love the irony I ditched ATI just because of the problems


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    pkg0 has no 32 bit libs, >0 has em. maybe they are packaged extra.


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      Well, the 32-bit libs are installed, and apparently some games are catching a SIG11 Segfault signal upon opening, I'm not sure, though which pkg# the Livna packages are based off, so I'll have to install vanilla pkg2 and see from there (there's also a significant difference between 0, 1 and 2 in terms of size, 2 being the "fattest"). Will report back as soon as I have something.


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        The higher the numbers only means that more modules are precompiled. If you installed it via package remove it first.


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          Yeah, I've done so, and installed the "vanilla" kernel. All problems resolved. So it must be something with the prepackaged libGL or some other files for the 32-bit packages. Will have to report it at the Livna bugzilla. Thanks for your insight, Kano. Much appreciated.