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NVIDIA 310.19 Linux Driver Carries Enhancements

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  • NVIDIA 310.19 Linux Driver Carries Enhancements

    Phoronix: NVIDIA 310.19 Linux Driver Carries Enhancements

    There's a new release available in the NVIDIA 310.xx Linux graphics driver series. The NVIDIA 310 Linux driver is already great for its big performance improvements thanks to Steam/Source coming to Linux and threaded OpenGL optimizations, but now the driver has been made even better...

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    Still waiting for Nvidia to grow some some balls and use or reimplement dma-buf.


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      What would help Linux as a gaming platform probably as much as Valve porting Steam to Linux is AMD offering decent drivers for their cards. Right now if you want somewhat near Windows performance there is no way around Nvidia and its blob.


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        Well the 300 series introduced a lot of changes for the RandR stuff and at the time NVIDIA devs promised to re-work the nvidia-settings utility to make it easier to configure the new options.

        The interesting thing here is that this release seems to bring 310 out of beta and into the stable branch now.


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          Still no support for Wayland.
          Still no support for fast-VT switching.

          Still not open source.


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            Originally posted by blackout23 View Post
            What would help Linux as a gaming platform probably as much as Valve porting Steam to Linux is AMD offering decent drivers for their cards. Right now if you want somewhat near Windows performance there is no way around Nvidia and its blob.
            This is the very reason all my computers have Nvidia chips. I have to go with whoever has drivers that Do Not Suck (tm)


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              my apu

              I need to find a small low-profile NVidia solution for my media computer: E450.

              AMD should shovel more money into Linux. No excuses.

              I can't understand why they are in so much financial debt.
              Big contract with Nintendo (Wii uses ATI)
              Big contract with Microsoft (XBox 360 uses ATI)
              Every major motherboard with an AMD cpu ships with an ATI chipset.

              Honestly, I thought it a mistake because the graphics on the original Xbox were great under Nvidia.
              360 was always a bit sluggish compared to the original Xbox. Essentially they are the same filesystem and operating system.

              I've finally opted to replace my gpu's with Nvidia. The support from NVidia is unprecedented.
              I can still get a old driver for an old card that runs on the latest Xorg.



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                Nice changelog, been waiting for those settings in nvidia-settings for some time:
                ======== Release 310 Entries ========

                * Added support for configuring stereo in nvidia-settings when stereo is
                enabled in the X configuration file.

                * Added support for configuring the ViewPortIn and ViewPortOut for display
                devices in nvidia-settings.

                * Fixed metamode bookkeeping when modifying the display configuration in
                the "X Server Display Configuration" page of nvidia-settings.

                * Added support for configuring rotation and reflection per display device
                in nvidia-settings.

                2012-10-15 version 310.14

                * Implemented workarounds for two Adobe Flash bugs by applying libvdpau
                commit ca9e637c61e80145f0625a590c91429db67d0a40 to the version of libvdpau
                shipped with the NVIDIA driver.

                * Fixed an issue which affected the performance of moving windows of VDPAU
                applications when run in some composite managers.

                * Added unofficial GLX protocol support (i.e., for GLX indirect rendering)
                for the GL_ARB_pixel_buffer_object OpenGL extension.

                * Added support for HDMI 3D Stereo with Quadro Kepler and later GPUs. See
                the documentation for the "Stereo" X configuration option in the README
                for details.

                * Added experimental support for OpenGL threaded optimizations, available
                through the __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS environment variable. For more
                information, please refer to the "Threaded Optimizations" section in
                chapter "Specifying OpenGL Environment Variable Settings" of the README.

                * Improved performance and responsiveness of windowed OpenGL applications
                running inside a Unity session.


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                  Nvidia is OK for Workstation, but not for laptops.

                  I would easily recommand Nvidia for a Linux workstation involved with serious 3D computations or games.
                  But for a Linux laptop, really their lack of support for hybrid graphics is killing them completely.

                  Linux Desktop workstation : Nvidia GO
                  Linux laptop with hybrid graphics : Nvidia NO GO


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                    Wonna bet that Steambox is currently planned with Nvidia GPU?

                    See no other reason.

                    Or maybe its me Linux geek who is not used to GPU verdors trying to get their support ready beforhand?