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NVIDIA 304.60 Driver Fixes Bugs

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    It's Cartman


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      Originally posted by asdx
      What facts? What contributions to Linux? A blob that actually hiders development and only causes grief in the community? Wow what a huge contribution.

      Fucking moron, I don't give a shit if morons like you block me. I will block you too, asshole.
      Actually NVIDIA helps development more than hindering it. NVIDIA "blob" helps nouveau significantly. They can see how it works to use it on their driver for example, using the right disassembling tools, etc.


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        Oh for the love of...

        asdx, do you remember posting this?

        Anyway, sorry, from my part it won't happen again.
        as well as this?

        Sure I agree, and no problem, it won't happen again (I know I've said this more than once, sorry), but this time it won't happen again. I'm truly sorry.
        How the fuck do you expect to have any respect when you can't even control yourself over a fucking GRAPHICS VENDOR?

        Out of all the things in the world you wish death upon, it's people who don't have a problem with NVIDIA? And you can't seem to stick to being sensible after "apologising" so many times?

        You should be ashamed at your lack of social skills. Improve them quickly. Life is not worth raising your blood pressure over such things that will be an insignificant drop in the ocean of problems once you die.


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          I logged in to see why asdx wasn't on my ignore list and it turns out he was.

          These forums really need a code of conduct - the language used here is despicable and wrong. It's unbelievable that people like this exist in the Linux community - very uncivilized.


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            Come on folks, why all the bickering today? Seems like someone got pissed on pretty hard. At least nVidia has been fixing bugs found in their driver much quicker than say AMD has been with their fglrx driver, so lets not bash them too hard. While nouveau has been coming along its still quite rough, but it is quite usable for most cards


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              asdx, Linus Torvalds didn't send his F Bomb towards the binary driver. He sent it for the lack of co-operation with the kernel devs.
              Anyway, we will have to settle with nvidia blobs for a while since they will be the only ones capable of properly running source engine games.

              Also, asdx, you might want to review how you discuss things on the internet. Being rude and righteous rarely leads anywhere, unless you are almost always right and famous like Linus Torvalds...


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                If I remember correctly asdx apologised regarding his abrupt and derailing manner in the recent nvidia 310 beta thread. Clearly he doesn't hold up to his promises just like ..cough.. Nvidia (as he states). So who is the hypocrite now.


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                  Originally posted by asdx
                  Please just go away Nvidia, you're a cancer to Linux.
                  You're an idiot. Thanks to nvidia we have awesome graphics drivers for Linux, so shut up talking about stuff you don't know anything about. I registered just to tell you that.

                  On topic, are these bugs fixes included in 310.x? Anybody know how these branches will relate further on? Just thinking which will be the best for my media centre.


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                    Just use 310 for newer cards and 304 for GeForce 6/7. I expect however updated for kernel 3.7.


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                      OMFG! Please Michael, kick that brainless baby. And if not, tell us why......