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Testing NVIDIA's Linux Threaded OpenGL Optimizations

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    The performance improvements look nice.

    Thanks for all the hard work.


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      Originally posted by asdx
      ROFL, threaded optimizations fail, can't say I'm suprised. Fuck you nvidia.
      Did anyone expect an asshole & a troll to change their ways? Michael, do the right thing and ban this troll for good.

      The nouveau garbage by garbage developers can't even perform up to par or have OpenGL 4.3 support.


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        Originally posted by GT220 View Post

        The nouveau garbage by garbage developers can't even perform up to par or have OpenGL 4.3 support.
        Garbage developers??????? who's the troll again?
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          This has to be the lowest-level discussion forum about open source anything....

          Garbage developers? What the fuck is wrong with you people?


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            asdx is calling people (including a nvidia dev once!) all sorts of things, and nothing. But someone does the same about nouveau, and suddenly it's "what's wrong with you people?" ??

            Good work GT220. Apparently this forum is about "be totally obnoxious and insult all you want, as long as the target isn't an open source driver".


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              You don't like asdx, therefore Nouveau developers are garbage?

              Just close this whole forum, ffs.


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                Can't accept the bitter truth? Just look at all the articles on nouveau garbage right on this website.

                The developers are wasting time trying to write open source drivers that clearly will always be inferior. Even the Radeon open source drivers are terrible and not to mention AMD doesn't even release full documentation for things like UVD. Intel drivers? Just as terrible and lag the Windows drivers that has higher performance and OpenGL 4.0 support.

                Open source driver hypocrites are hilariously unfunny, they don't go after companies like Imagination/PowerVR which don't supply any Linux drivers or support Linux at all but attack companies that provide the highest quality Linux drivers.


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                  You are an idiot.

                  You can have any opinion on software licencing and video drivers you wish, that's legitimate. But calling people who are giving you free code "garbage" just because your game runs faster with a different driver is psychopathic behaviour.

                  You are ill.


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                    There were PowerVR Android drivers in the past. Are they not doing Android phones anymore?

                    Anyway... back on topic. I hope Valve pushes this beta out soon. I'm ready to do some serious testing on Linux.


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                      Speak for yourself. The nouveau garbage is bad for everything else, not just games.


                      "This eight-year-old graphics card is still failing badly with Nouveau."

                      Like I said, you open source driver retards want horrible, subpar experience, thats your choice. Don't try and troll in the Nvidia drivers threads.